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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shards of glass-II

Here's what happened.... and here is how it must have happened...

I know its been a couple of days... But i kept at it with granpa on what he was upto and how the tubelight fell.. [the fixture was nailed into the cupboard and now its just sitting on top, cos we have put in place a new holder and tube!!! ]
Every morning granpa comes to the room, keeps flowers for various Gods n Goddess[s] out here[ pictures, photos, idols spread across the room... :( ]
Me: But thatha u've been doing this forever.. why did the tube fall that morning?
He:  I dont know.... i kept flowers and took off my hand and then thud, all was falling..
[not really believing him.. cos he is known to try some antics at times..hehehe.. plus the tube light is above our height.. ]
Me: hmm... did u try moving the picture or something?
He:[with a bit of hesitation] no, dint try moving it, but thot i'll clean the place of all dried flowers and so moved my hand around.... 
Me: Aah, i see
Uncle: But dad, how did you even reach there?
He: just stretched and tried.... that is when the tube moved and came down like that... wonder how the nail came off[his way of deflecting ....;)]
Me: ok ok.... forget it now.. lets find an electrician and get him to put the light on the wall!!!! 
He: its ok now,no.. leave it....
Me and uncle: Hmfph!!! [ no point, lets just go ahead do it.... ]

Oh,well.. the adventures of life in grandparents house.. continues!!!!


Bedazzled said...

umm.. makes sense now !! so it wasnt aliens or sleepwalking !!.. may the adventures continue ..

vimmuuu said...

Address by any chance, 13 B or something??? :D (Light bursting, nails, photo frames,etc. etc. )

Prasad said...

LOL..LOL..LOL....dammm! now i miss my thata!

Anonymous said...

"the adventures of life in grandparents house..." Sounds like the title for a sloppy book or something :) he he,

Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

As we grow older, our sense of humor matures... :D

vishesh said...


Lakshmi said...

think for a moment -they must have tolerated us when we were kids

Lakshmi said...

think for a moment -they must have tolerated us when we were kids

Anonymous said...


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