is what i saw when i woke up today morning… Startled, scared, disoriented, i awoke to the noise of glasss shattering.. half groggy, i could make out granpa standing near the entrance of my room looking lost…. The tube light siting on top of the cupboard was in bits and pieces across the room, wires hanging all over, the photos standing behind the tube lying on the floor ..[ the thud i heard was the photos falling down…]…
Half awake… all i did was ask granpa to get out of the room… and the poor soul, i guess he was stumped, he walked all the way across the room, over the tube shattered floor to the other end of the room… i was going mad… “pls get away thatha, and go out of the room”, i said as i tried to find my glasses, my phone and get out of the bed[ i sleep on a mattress on the floor]..and then noticing pieces of glass on my bed, started slowly getting away from it all ….

Took me a few minutes before i was awake[you know aware of surroundings, that the sun has risen, day has begun, etc etc….]… that is when it hit me that i better clear up the room a bit, not that gramma or uncle walk right into it.. before i could do anything, granpa had brought the broom and was already at it.. Uff, let it be thatha, i pleaded and took the broom from him and began sweeping across the room, my bed, found pieces of glass in a chair near the air conditioner [ all the way at the other end of the room…]… Jeez, wonder where else the pieces are …. started pulling out all the stuff sitting on the shelf in the corner, dusted books on my table…. bags and everything else in the room…

Whatte way to start my day i thought!!!! Through the day, granpa kept saying, move the light from the hall to your room, you will need it.. and i kept saying  “no, i dont need a light.. leave it be…”… tug of war went on till about 7pm when uncle and i got into our lets get the tube light fixed mode… started fidgeting around with the current fixture, picked up a new tube, put it in place, but dint a backup, got dad to send across a lampshade that i had at home[ it was one that gramma had bot for someone else and like most other times it was never given and ended up with me…sigh!!]

Finally, we gave in and sent the driver to pick up a new unit, and finally voila, it works… light is bright in my room once again….  🙂

{pics shall happen once my broadband is restored, right now cant fight with Reliance in getting them up ever so slowly….:)}

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