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Thursday, March 12, 2009

She's 74 and she's 19.....

March comes and we get all excited and chirpy chirp..... 
1st was Gramma's Bday, on March 5th.... Normally for her bday she will be in Sringeri, but since granpa was unwell, they dint go... so,we got a chance to get her a cake and celebrate here!! :)

[Aarthimma is how i call her...:)] 

and Today[March 12th] is my Sis-P's bday... she turns 19... this little baby who came into the world in 1990 has today grown up [wee bit] and is so super cool and chic[not like the la di da kind...]!!! :)
Went out partying with friends last nite and is off somewhere today as well... was talking to my friend and we were reminiscing the days when P was a baby and the drama that would unfold at home .. and how she is now in college, about to graduate and start her life!!!! 

Dint get her a cake or anything specific... just letting her indulge in her own way....
[Pic Courtesy:photobucket ]
 Next up is Dad's bday on 15th March!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm also 19! And you're talking about graduating!! :wail:
You have a nice blog here :-) And oh, the cake looks oh-so-yumm :P

Bedazzled said...

wow, so many bdays in the ame month ..bday wishes to everyone

pushpa said...

and very soon u will be looking for your baby sis, who is baby no more. sigh!

Solilo said...

We have couple of Pisceans in our family too.

Cake looks yum!

CM-Chap said...

Ah your family seems to be March Family. Mine is June Family except me & mom

Homecooked said...

Hey Belated Birthday wishes to all the members of ur family! that cake looked yummy :)

rauf said...

happy bafday to your GM and sister P..... Padma, Priya, Padmaja, Preeti, Pushpa, ( got it from your reader here) what else ? Pingu, Pen, Pencil
Been to Sringeri, nice place

Aaarti said...

@Swat -- :)welcome here....

@bhar - yepp... my family is buzzing with bdays in March, wee bit in Aug and rest of it in Sep..very few in other months... :D

@Pushpa -- errr.. tell me abt it!!

@Solilo - Ahh, me and mom are virgoans, dad and sis are pisceans!!:D lethal combo!!!

@CM-Chap -- happens... busy season appo thaan inga...;)

@homecooked - thank u.. yepp,do have a bite, its sinful ;)

Aaarti said...

hiee.. how have u been???? nice to hear u've been to Sringeri.. lot of my friends wanna go[ cos i keep telling them stories about how beautiful the place is and the other surrounding areas etc etc...]

My sis is Preeti:)

Nautankey said...

RT...birthday month eh..don't take too much cake..fat content is more :D I am he diet-conscious-eater u see :P.. And birthday wishes to everyone

Lakshmi said...

celebration time..pls wish everyone..I did wish P on facebook

Vrij said...

Loads of Wishes for the Bday girls!!

Aaarti said...

@N'key - ahhh, i dint know that... well, next time shall bring you only the icing ok!!! :D

@lakshmi -:)
Its subha's bday tomorrow right?got her number,send it across!!!:)

@Vrij- Thankees on their behalf...

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