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Monday, March 16, 2009

To burn or not...

Some of you have been privileged enough to know of the trauma I've been going through with this and others- well, worry not, you are about to be enlightened/entertained....
Today marks 12th day in my saga to burn a DVD of a few videos i have on my hard drive...yes, you read it right..burn ONE DVD...
"Why the problem you may wonder..?" I am UNABLE to burn DVDs....Sigh!!! [Dont ask me why, or dont give me that "what the heck " look.. I might WILL scream]
Here's an intro to my laptop ... Say hello to the Sony Vaio VGN NR17G model !!!  Flaunting the sleek silver lines, and cute butterfly stickers, she sits there grinning away!!!! ;)
here is what all i have tried... [i tried using DVD R]
 -ROXIO - its a software that came with the lappy... Go to make Data Disc, choose the folder i want but the final output says "Document... bla bla.. image file".... [what shit.. stop messing with me i say!!!]
- Windows DVD Maker -- the minute i choose the videos , and click on burn, it will SHUTDOWN..[Oh crap!!!!not again.... ]
 - Windows Media player - just LOST it with this one....nothing happens, absolutely nothing !!![Hmfph]
- Plain old Copy paste from folder to the blank DVD... "Insert writeable DVD in F: " is all it throws up [ what naansense i say!!!]

- Called Sony Vaio helpdesk.... 
1st call --- Exec 1 : "Madam, type REGEDIT in the run box... bla bla bla...[she ran with her instructions until i asked her to slow down..phew... ] and then said restart, it should work just fine!!"
I  deleted something she asked me too... Restarted the lappy, and tried again [ all excited] , but alas, NOTHING happened!!!!  [am i jinxed???]
2nd call--- Exec 2 : "Madam, am afraid the softwares given in the lappy are good when you want to make a DVD from your camcorder or an external device. we dot have any that will burn from hard drive to dvd, you will have to download nero or other softwares for this.. Thank you" 
Me: But the lady i spoke to earlier said otherwise 
Exec 2: Sorry ma'am,but it is not possible he replied and hung up!!!! 
Me: Oh well, atleast now i know my silly lappy aint gonna do any magic tricks for me!!!!
Now, i am pretty frustrated and ready to scream.... !!! shucks, how difficult can it be to burn a dvd... I got on the net, downloaded latest version of NERO [ thanks to advice from a friend... looking for him now... lolz]
And today morning, bot 2 DVD RW just in case and got down to trying my hand one more time....

NOPE, it is not working!!!! :((
Comp guy came home to fix our desktop computer, got him to check out this issue....
Softly he said
He:Madam, with Sony vaio, Nero will not work... you have to use ROXIO only 
He: Fidgit fidgit for a while with ROXIO
Madam, your ROXIO is corrupted, let me ask around and get you a good one or shall bring an alternative.. But uninstall Nero, its of no use.. 
[he left....]
Am still lost.... so tired of trying this silly thing with no luck.........................So, if any of you have an answer, out with it ... now would be a good time to talk....:) you better tell me how to solve this issue!!!!  


Gargling Garbage said...

The answer is called - USB hard disk drive! :) And take a backup of everything precious you ever got in there in your Vaio! Including NERO ;)

Aaarti said...

Woman - i wanna burn a dvd to gift a friend di... !!! athukku vazhi sollu..... :)

NERO pochchu... uninstall pannitanpa!!

Anonymous said...

If Windows DVD Maker causes your comp to shut down, there is definitely something wrong with your laptop.

First Two Things I check always:

Do you have Windows Live Update? You need to keep updating your system with the latest updates.

And do you have an antivirus that is active?

Keeping the above two can help a lot in avoiding most problems before they arise.

But I don't have a Vaio so can't give you step by step instructions! Neither have I used Roxio!

Try I-Tunes - It lets you burn DVDs as well. You can download it from the net for free.

Gargling Garbage said...

If it's a one-time thing really, then take it in a pendrive to some friend's place (fingers crossed and knotted - that she/he has a dvd burner) and you're done!

Anonymous said...

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