Ever been through one of those phases where you had so much floating about in your mind, but you were unable to tackle them?

Ever been through the phase where you had so many ideas, topics for a post and yet no new posts?
Am kinda going thru something like that!!! which one? Both actually!!! 😀 

Want to paint my room – wallpaper starting to peel off .. but unable to zero in on A colour [ it is gonna be a shade of blue, that much i know… also want a textured wall.. but how where.. most importantly when!! ]

Want to give fabric for stitching – find a new tailor or go with the one i use[ they have hiked their rates like crazy.. sheesh… cant afford shelling out so much.. at the end of it, the fabric was cheaper than tailoring charges…] – bot couple at Gurjari sale, 1 from aunt and another was a gift from aunt… 🙂

Want to visit friends [ who are in town – but no cook situation at home, and did i mention its F@#%&* HOT here… ]

So dying to clean up my room – 
*A table with 2 computers on it – A desktop and my laptop… zillion wires, and wot not strewed all over.. eeks!!! its a Messs!!

*A table with books books and more books  – dont know where to stash them.. every possible space has been  used up to store my books….

An important task to be done is sorting thru my Movie divds.. — organising them in a box or somewhere and figuring out who has what dvd…

Would so love to write more poems, its been a while!!! Guess i need to rest my mind a bit….

Find one spot in this whole house where i can do my daily meditation [Vipassana] – now, its everyday at a diff spot…!! Sigh… 
When will i get around to them 
oh when!!!! 

ok… let me now go and start with my Movie dvds.. that sounds the easiest…. 

hey… this looks like an interesting movie – The Painted veil .. maybe i’ll just watch it now and get around to organising it tomorrow!!! 

Jeeez……………..here i go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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