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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I remember

everything and anything that has happened in my life till date!!!
Strange yet true...

                                             The morning sky from the boat in bby
Things people said
Things i saw  - could be a building, an interesting sign post, directions, just about anything...!!
Gifts i received
Greeting cards and letters from family & friends

The Butterfly pencil from Anita.. :D 
The ceiling in Spencers Plaza, Phase III
Accidents that happened to me and others around
Thoughtful gestures
Help extended by total strangers
Movies/ Videos i used to watch when i was small

Friends i left behind
Friends who drifted apart [ some instances related to them where i went out of my way to make it alright for them.......... ] 
Friends who've stuck by me
Friends who've made me who i am today!!! :)
Amazing food  - The egg curry that an aunt used to make and send for me and my cousin
The Hotel visit where we ran out of money, sent the driver home..hehe.. me n my cousin were probably 10-12yrs ..
Trips i took
Trips i dint take
Certain flight journeys
Train - esp the one when i left for Bby on Tsunami day totally oblivious to all the chaos
Annoying stuff
Falling ill- chicken pox while waiting in queue in Tirupati... sheesh!!!
The 1st pup that i had - Sheeba, she used to scream sitting in her tub, and how she died after being with us for 42days... :(
2nd doggie - Boss... Sigh................... 
Floppy - the day i found him. .. :)

 Floppy .... :D
Sometimes i wish i could forget...
I wish i dint remember so much..
But alas... not in my hands..

Keep telling my mom - You have a child[err, me] with a photographic memory,.. a Child prodigy none the less.. and you dint recognise it.. YOUR LOSS [ hmmm.. mine too in some way... :)] 
Why this post?
No reason... just my way of reliving my life and letting you all know you have a GENIUS in your midst!!! ;)


priscus said...

I just love this style of blogging . Nice snap and so down to earth and non commercial post :D

Gargling Garbage said...

Yup, I echo Priscus! Found it super snappy in terms of picys and narrative style :) Easily one of the best posts of yours -- Somehow just didn't want it to end! :D

And having known you all my life... Every word you penned there - SO TRUE!

Bedazzled said...

genius !!!.. konjam overa illa ?? :-) .. nice post ,actly !

Anonymous said...

Oh! I completely agree.. Its so live sometimes, its scary..

Like, I find myself smiling or even laughing about a joke or something silly that happened a few years back, and its soo 'real time' in my head.. ditto for the sad stuff too..

Maybe we just live so 'in the moment' that everything just remains in our head..

Rumjhum said...

Hey Girl! Everytime I take a peak here I feel refreshed! Honestly! Your blog exudes a positive energy! Summer's too much now, but plan to catch ya soon! Hugs!

Anonymous said...


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