Go with the flow, my heart sings..
Are you sure? counters the mind.. always thinking!!
Simply let go
and enjoy- i decide
With a fully charged camera
Waiting for new adventures
i set out on no set trail……
                                                       The morning sky in Mumbai
Raindrops through the train window
Across miles amidst wilderness the only one thing that has me in awe are those beautiful fur balls up in the sky ..Changing colours… gliding along like a graceful lady, they move about peacefully, as if bearing not a care in the world..
Shining through the clouds at Halabeedu
From morning to night, making way for the Sun and the moon, these cotton candylike beauties mesmerize us all …. 
The evening sky over the river Tunga in Sringeri
 Sun peeking through the tree branches
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