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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Colours of Light...

Go with the flow, my heart sings..
Are you sure? counters the mind.. always thinking!!
Simply let go
and enjoy- i decide
With a fully charged camera
Waiting for new adventures
i set out on no set trail......
                                                       The morning sky in Mumbai
Raindrops through the train window
Across miles amidst wilderness the only one thing that has me in awe are those beautiful fur balls up in the sky ..Changing colours... gliding along like a graceful lady, they move about peacefully, as if bearing not a care in the world..
Shining through the clouds at Halabeedu
From morning to night, making way for the Sun and the moon, these cotton candylike beauties mesmerize us all .... 
The evening sky over the river Tunga in Sringeri
 Sun peeking through the tree branches
 For more shots of the skies, click here


vimmuuu said...

Pics from the new camera. I liked that train with droplets snap ! I have a similar one that I took from London. Its there in the album I sent you :D

Waiting for more !

Karen said...

Wonderful photos and beautiful words to go with them...

I really like the one of the sunset over the River Tunga ... actually, I like all of them, but that one comes to the top of the tranquill..

chrome3d said...

That train window rain drops was so different than the others. More familiar to me, I guess that´s why I was drawn to that.

Sanna said...

Beautiful photos, loves them! =)

vishesh said...

nice :D ;) ;) :D

Arija said...

Wonderful, wonderful shots...all of them!!! I loved the lot, one better then the next.

Lynne said...

Hi Aaarti,
So glad I popped in here from Skywatch Fri. "go with the flow, my heart sings" Yes, that's how I feel when trying to capture the colours of light in photography or painting.

These are a beautiful from those raindrops to the coluds at Halabeedu to the evening sky over the river Tunga. I particularly like #2, #3, and #4 and reading your descriptions. I've never traveled to where you are. Thank you for this delicious treat for my eyes.

ceedy said...

These are some great shots :)

CM-Chap said...


I have fallen in love for evening sky over river tunga & Rain drops thru train window

Pushpa said...

u agree that Mumbai morning looks good?..and u get such nice pics..heheeheee..hugz

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