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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

There was

a time when i was longing for friends and couldnt get enuf of them.."More the Merrier" was my motto!! But now, i've realised am happy with the ones i've got...

After the awesome working holiday in Blore, i realised a lot of things about myself.. and am so glad i did that trip!!! It was a sort of a reality check!!

Do People change? - Oh yes, they do!! I knew it all along, but now i have seen it happen and well, it doesnt upset me at all.. I guess in some ways am glad i saw it happen, right in front of my eyes, else i might not believe it..
-People/Friends who've been around long suddenly go cold and distant...
-Friends you dint know existed come into your life and you connect with them surprisingly well.
-When you sit next to someone for nearly an hour, with no words exchanged and yet feel a bond- that is friendship... I felt it.. and am sure glad i did!!!
-Something as simple as taking a walk... spending time brainstorming on work.. cooking helps bring people closer!!!

Amazing, right? Yep!!!

This is where the next question popped in my head... -- Why do people change?

Here is my theory on this.. 
- When you have something they dont... aka when they are jealous of YOU... -strange that friends get Jealous of other friends.. i know for a fact i JUST wouldnt ever go down that road!!! 
- Some sort of insecurity - wonder why!! wonder where it stems from!! but i do know it exists.. seen it, felt it... bore the brunt of it.. and lost for answers!! 
- Something trivial gets blown out of proportion- Making a mountain of a molehill so to say!! Again, why? between friends? really? i just cant beleive it.. again, seen it, felt it!!!

According to me
- There can be no POSSESSIVEness between Friends... its a free world... we all have clusters of friends, and sometimes we bring em together, and other times keep em apart!! world is Happy!!
- You cannot get JEALOUS of your friend.. atleast i dont think you can... cos between friends, the bond is all about unconditional love and sharing/caring!!

So, i can now say once again - Am HAPPY with the friends i've got/made and the ones who went away, or are drifting away - Bon Voyage!!! Adios!!

Yes, it did hurt.. it was a jolt ..a kind of an awakening, but am glad i woke up!!! :)

To quote Tom & Jerry - Oh well, C'est la vie!! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Relaxed State of mind....

Its been a week since i landed here, and my heart seems to be singing - "Lets just stay here"!  

1st time ever, i feel this way!! 

A holiday, like no other
Relaxed and filled with fun
New places to visit, 
New ventures to try

Wonder what is different about this trip of mine, 
wonder why my heart feels this way.. 
Wonder where i am headed
Wonder how i shall get there...

All i know for now,
Am loving this relaxed state of mind...

So calm and quiet
Collected and focussed
Solitude and serene
Words that describe me!!! 

Home, beckons 
work and routine awaits!! 
A day i shall put it off...
to enjoy this 
Relaxed state of mind!! 

                                                        [ a clue on where i am right now!!! :)]

Was listening to the song New York state of mind - Billy joel today morning and that is where this post sprung from!! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Raining love

Raining in Chennai? Nah, i aint talking about that!! This is a different kind of rain.. One that i have been blessed with thanks to the adorable sweet caring bunch of people i call Friends!!!

Must be something i did in my previous birth, or just plain luck- i have found some amazing people who've stuck by me for years!!! Not to forget some of whom i've met only recently, but with whom i connected quite well [Through blogs, other sites, and in person]
1. Last week, was exchanging text messages with a new friend, when suddenly he sms'd saying- You are one genuine person. Do you even know that? Has anyone told you that? .. It left me stumped, and i was so moved & touched!!! :)

2. A friend, Kavz had just moved to chennai. I finally met her at Mamma Mia !! Yayy!! Was damn exciting!! Anyways, the next day she messaged asking if i knew of any carpenter who can custom make stuff.. Since i dint know, i threw the net out and a friend replied instantly with his details, which i promptly fwded to Kavz.. She was so grateful and replied saying - "hugs.. that was kwik, sweets..Thanks!! "

3. 3days back, my hi school friend Vid called around 10pm and said she and a friend were coming over to pick me up and we were going to Subway!! Was surprised, but nevertheless looked forward to it and went ahead , got ready!!

They came, and as we were driving towards Subway, she thrust a bag in my hands saying - "That's for you da" -

It was a gorgeous Fasttrack watch [purple strap] and a divine perfume- Nautica- Bermuda Blue!!

Me: But, Its not even my bday yet
R: For your bday, we'll get you something better/bigger
Vid: We've been meaning to get you something da, after all the help you did with R's website!!
Me: ........ [speechlesss and touched] :) err.. thanks guys!!
R & Vid: Chill woman!! chk it out and see if you like it!! :):)
Me: Oh, wow.... Yummmy!!!

4. Was gonna go for a movie with R and Anita, and last minute decided to take Anita out to lunch.. Its been ages since just the 2 of us did that!! She is married with a baby now... Went to Cream Center and enjoyed the quiet lunch.. post which , we discovered movie wasnt happening cos of some ticket issue.. What the heck!! We then headed to her place and i spent time playing with her son, after which i sat and completed the movie Last Chance Harvey, while Anita caught up on some sleep ... She woke up and said "Thanks da machan, am glad you came over.Was so stressed out, needed this break.."

On a different note... Today morning was awesome fun!! Dint do anything wacko.. Just went to Amethyst with Lakshmi and we chilled out for a couple of hours!! I think this is the 1st time we were catching up like this and it was quite nice!! :)

Looking fwd to the weekend already!! Cant wait... leaving Chennai Friday morning and should be back Tuesday or Wednesady!! Yoohooooooooo !!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Skywatch Friday - Sky shimmers!!!

 in the morning

As we walked along the streets
filled with young and old
Lost in thoughts and prayers
The church loomed large

White and pristine
reaching for the sky
Beautiful and Majestic
It left us in awe!!

(c) Aaarti 3rd July '09


The Santhome Church [also referred to as the Pencil Church] is truly one of Chennai's landmarks!! Went into this magnificient place of worship as part of the Peacock trails 2weeks back!!
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