of yourself? is what i wanted to ask.. if any of those people were in front of me, God Save them!!! Hmfph!!
ok, here is what happened!!!

Instance 1:

Was in the car going out to do a bit of shopping, when i tuned into Radio city… there was some Chennai week related contest on…

Get ready for the world’s toughest question… drum roll plssssss 
[my reaction in blue]
Que: What is the other name for Mount Road? 
1st Caller- a lady : Is it EGMORE??? [Duh… how did she get so smart i wondered,said she has lived in Chennai all her life…. nearly threw up in the car,. stopped myself just in time!!! ]

2nd Caller: a guy- LIC? [ Oh me gawd.. somebody give me some rope or poison, i wanna die right here, was my reaction!!! ]

3rd caller- a guy : Hmmm, theriyadu madam – “i dont know ma’am”

The RJ: it is the road where LIC is sir, do you know the name now?

3rd caller: Oh,antha roadla thaan naan irukein madam, aana innoru peru theriyada -“Am on that road only, but i dont know the other name”
[where is the knife, where is the gun, i wanna jump and die right now…]

RJ: [think she was ready to kill someone ] 
 No sir, not right… The other name for mt road is Anna Salai!!

3rd caller: oh, appidiya madam.. nanri – “oh, is that so, thank you”

Wow, how is it that people living here dont know such basic stuff?? ignorance? or are they just plain DUMB??? beats me!!!