is this Aaarti? This is RJ Soundarya here, from Chennai Live 104.8!

Me: [Gulp] yes, Hi Soundarya!! How are you doing?

S: We got your sms[ i had sent a sms requesting a song to be played on their chennai connections show]
So, what do you do Aaarti?

Me: Am a freelance consultant 🙂

S: Oh, wow, your like the 4th person am talking to who has quit their job.. What’s your story?

Me: well, they dint have what i wanted, so decided to shift gears.

S: Wonderful… btw,You’ve requested a song that is my all time favorite..which version of
Leaving on a jet plane” do you want? 

Me: John denver, do you have any other versions?

S: my production manager said there is an orignial – Leaving on a jet plane by Mary, Peter, Paul and if you like john denver, then ur sad… 😀

Me: Ahh, okay.. Lets give it a listen.. 

S: let me listen to it,…..[few secs passed] nope, i’ll play john denver!! 🙂

Ok, am gonna put you on hold for like 50secs while ads play and then we’ll be on air.. stay on
 the line!!

After 1min…. 

S: Now we have Aaarti on air, Hi Aaarti!!!

Me: Hi Soundarya, i would ike to listen to “Leaving on a Jet plane by John Denver”

S: Here it is, enjoy the song and have a nice day….

Me: Bye…. [big grin on my face…:D ]

[As we were talking , the song came on the radio.. got my grandparents n uncle to it… msg’d some friends about it…. :)]

Yayyy!! been ages since i was on the radio… brought back memories of college days!!