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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Arent you ashamed

of yourself? is what i wanted to ask.. if any of those people were in front of me, God Save them!!! Hmfph!!
ok, here is what happened!!!

Instance 1:

Was in the car going out to do a bit of shopping, when i tuned into Radio city... there was some Chennai week related contest on...

Get ready for the world's toughest question... drum roll plssssss 
[my reaction in blue]
Que: What is the other name for Mount Road? 
1st Caller- a lady : Is it EGMORE??? [Duh... how did she get so smart i wondered,said she has lived in Chennai all her life.... nearly threw up in the car,. stopped myself just in time!!! ]

2nd Caller: a guy- LIC? [ Oh me gawd.. somebody give me some rope or poison, i wanna die right here, was my reaction!!! ]

3rd caller- a guy : Hmmm, theriyadu madam - "i dont know ma'am"

The RJ: it is the road where LIC is sir, do you know the name now?

3rd caller: Oh,antha roadla thaan naan irukein madam, aana innoru peru theriyada -"Am on that road only, but i dont know the other name"
[where is the knife, where is the gun, i wanna jump and die right now...]

RJ: [think she was ready to kill someone ] 

 No sir, not right... The other name for mt road is Anna Salai!!

3rd caller: oh, appidiya madam.. nanri - "oh, is that so, thank you"

Wow, how is it that people living here dont know such basic stuff?? ignorance? or are they just plain DUMB??? beats me!!! 


Anonymous said...

Ghar ki murgi daal barabar ?

vishesh said...

ha ha :) I knew that on :) What is the name of the road on which Espahni is there?(lets see if you get this one right :) :)

Anu said...

knew that one, aarti, but doubt if i know the name of any other road in chennai... and it reminds me of an instance where we were once searching all over colaba for the Atomic energy building on CSM Road.. .. at least that's what the address said.... after about an hour of roaming around the streets asking anyone and everyone, it finally turned out that the building was right next to the gateway of india... and the name of the road was (what else??) Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Road !!!!!! honestly, neither we nor anyone else had any idea... and i dont think we would have reached our destination either, but for the lucky fact that one of the people we asked happened to work in that building!!!!

Aaarti said...

@Vishesh- its Uthamar Gandhi Salai!!! i should know.. was in MOP for 5yrs!! :)

Aaarti said...

@Hobo- sahi hain!!:)

Aaarti said...

@Anu- yes, those happen.. Am talking about how little people know of their home town... and yet they claim to have lived there all their lives.. am not saying i know it all, every nook n corner, but i look fwd to exploring and learning!!
but, dont get me started on changes in road names, that just pisses me off!! :D

Gargling Garbage said...

I might just about pass Chennai test, but Bangalore *gulp*

gils said...

hmm...maybe avangalaam not born and brought up in chennaiya irukalamla..chennai is not tamilnadu :D

Srivats said...

haha funny post, yes sometimes the RJ questions are so dumb, and are the callers response to it. I stopped listening to that talky talky radio longtime! where people can speak for an hour with no valuable information . haha Uthamar Gandhi salai pakkathula dhaan I lived until last year :)

vimmuuu said...

Believe me, there are people who have no idea who our prime minister is even !!! Its just plain DUMB; nothing else !!!

AMIT said...

Hahaha just laughing after reading ur post.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know that. Hey I've been to Chennai only twice so far!

Vidya said...

yay!! I knew the answer!

rauf said...

Aiyoo ORTEEDEE there are so many Ben Kingsley statues in the city and many odders whose names i do not know, shame on me.

Chennai is a city of statues. Orteedee why don't you write about Kannagi statue joke ? Poor Kannagi gets knocked down when ever our beloved AMMA comes to power, poor thing sleeps in some dark dusty corner for 5 years. And suddenly resurrected washed painted and back on the beach when KANONIDI chap comes to power. Your readers would love to hear the details of the joke

Goin Kothagiri tonight, and ONAMING in Trichur

Sa Hi to Plappy, and Happy ONAM to you and your Mallu friends

Don't ask me how i am going, all trains full

Benny said...

He he... they must hav been teasing the RJ for asking such a dumb ques..I dont think Chennaites r so dumb!! Anyways first time here.. nice blog! V impressive again! Do check my blog at and vote for me at Indiblogger's competetion! Thanks Aarti!

Maddy said...

I could understand your frustration.Is this road called as Mount Road till Kathipara Junction or much before that? Ok. Last time I was enjoying Madras was in late 80's

khairy said...