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Thursday, August 20, 2009

i won i won....

Yep.. i did!! nothing big.. nothing major!! But heck, i won dint i!!!  What? You ask!! well, TOI [ Times of India for all you non paper reading dumbums..hehe] runs a Tambola [ Also called Lotto, Housie, Bingo-  A ticket comes every sunday with TOI paper and numbers in batches of 5 daily in TOI, all you gotta do is check if your ticket contains any of those numbers and keep scoring them out] every week... and i started playing couple of weeks back.. and last week, WEEK 5 proved to be LUCKY for moi!!  Yipee!!

I hit FULL HOUSE [Got all numbers in my ticket during the week] on saturday, and promptly , well, not really, after a bit of delay, went to the TOI office [ did you know the building is Pink in color.. ok, that in another post...not here!! ] and showed the ticket and brought home a bag bundle of goodies..
It was from BEAUTE BOUTIQUE [ dont ask me who that is, i've never heard of them till now, and dont know where their store is or where their products are retailed!! ]
Anyways,  i got a whole bunch of stuff thanks to them -
a Body wash- Doccia Gel [cant get enuf of body washes..yummm],

Yardley Powder, 
Lavender & Olive Oil Revitalising Mask, and 

a Eveline laboratories Thermal mask[ i know what it is cos i had to look front back and all around this little sachet, cos everything in the front was wwritten in some freakish wierdo language...dont believe me?hmfph, look at the pic]

and a coupon that entitles me ENTRY into the MEGA Tambola that happens on Sundays at Chinmaya Heritage center... yayyy!! here i come!!  wish me luck wont u!! Bah, stop being jealous, and be happy for your friend already!! :D
Mightey pleased, i wandered about tell all and sundry about this..  So, now am all set, excited and looking fwd to SUNDAY!! Woohooooooooo .. may the luck linger on!!!


Anonymous said...

Party ???

Prasad said...

Treat :D

Bedazzled said...

rock on !!!!

vimmuuu said...

Heyyyyy, all the best !!!! I never took those cards seriously. Gosh, for my subscription with TOI, if not for reading, I should atleast participate in this tambola thingy.

Anonymous said...


Srivats said...

Congrats and all the best to the grand tambola!

AMIT said...

Yeah you won thats great.

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krish said...

Hey cool! There is a another gr8 event coming up, it is organized by Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication , it consists of Workshops on Green Battle and Emergence of New Media and also plenty of contests for the audience.. It is being held at the Chinmaya Heritage Centre on the 26th of October 2009. To Know more Click Here

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