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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

7 days not enuf!!

Ever since my bday, its been one busy roller coaster couple of days!!! and last week was no exception... 

The one thing we were all looking fwd to was my uncle's 60th Bday function.. Gosh, its been a year since my Dad's60th Bday!! Wow, time sure flies!!! My uncle and family came to chennai on 6th, the function was on 9th [wed] and 10th Sep [thur]...  :)) 

How did the week go? Ta da... presenting the fun week that was................ 

Monday was
Work work and 

movie  Ninaithale Inikum [review will be up on my blog in couple of days...:) ] with S... :D

Tuesday brought with it 
wee bit of  work and
Ordered cakes for my cousin and uncle at Cake walk.. 

Not to forget meeting Apar for a Hi hello n sharing this cake with her!! Choco walnut..

Wednesday was
The 1st day function
Followed by cake cutting for my dear cousins' bday!! 

How can i forget.. Cellphone shopping with cousin
Feeling the tug in my heart when gramma said ' i wanted to order a cake for you' :-)
The mini meet with cousin at MCC
Watching the Club Rat [since the club is its home, that' its rightful name!!] run up and down.... 

Thursday dawned
bright and chirpy
Uncle's 60th bday function

 My star bday as well..
Click click click i went through it all

Got a chance to cut a cake [meant for uncle] as well... :-)

Oh, how can i forget... i got another surprise at home.. gramma went with mom n sis and got me a Rich chocolate Cake from Cakewalk... :)) was sooo touched and overjoyed!!! best bday ever!! :)

So, cake cutting all over again...!! Sigh...  
Ahh, the day when work was less
fun was more!!
Caught up with cousins before they left town

Managed to watch not one but 2 Foreign language movies... back to back... Yoohooo..Thanks Lalli for the company!!

Iranian - Song of the Sparrows
French - Amelie

Saturday's here....
What did i do???? 
Oh ya, pretty much chilled out during the day
and went for the sufer fun Stand up Comedy show wit a friend!! 

  • Craig Gallyot from Namma Chennai...
  • Kartik Higher Iyer from Blore. [tambram boy!!]
  • and ofcourze the supposedly star of the evening- Dan Nainan [ Indian American.. confused ]
Oh, ya, bunch of us had planned on meeting, it ended up
3 of us..-Me, Apar , n Vimmuuu
plus a little brownie man..A jr ... hehe... 
And that evening i scooted off to Museum theater to meet a friend,V.. 
and enjoy the play- Hamlet, The clown prince by Rajat Kapoor..!!
What a week it was...As i said 7days not enuf!! Dont you agree??? :P
^@#@# - this is just to keep away all the green monsters!! ;-) 


gils said...

:)) nalla gummia :) daily cake...daily paartee...pramaathaam

Vidya said...

You are absolutely right darling. It looks like 7 days are not just sufficient for you! :D

By the way, what was your thought about Amelie? I heard about it but did not get a chance to watch it!


Aaarti said...

gils - gummia?? appadeenya? vitham vithama solli pathein, puriyala!!

vidya- Amelie was a damn cute movie... the way they show her dysfunctional family, how she works at the coffee shops, the little things she does..quite interesting...!! watch it...
Songs of sparrows was also nice... esp one scene, where i nearly cried...sigh!!

Aaarti said...

Gils- yes, yes.. lifetimela mudal thadavai ivalavu fun... :D

Vidya - hahaha.. but there are weeks when nothing is happening and am dwindling my thumbs... :D

pawan said...

Good to know that you also watch foreign films!
Being a hard core film buff I also foreign movies, and surely Amelie is one of the best in that category!

And where did you see the "Song of the Sparrows"? I want to see it too!


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