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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Aaargh!!! yep, darn right it is an irritating question.... simply cos it has no answer!!

Have you ever wondered,

Why People stand in groups of 4- a zillion right next to the elevator???  Wonder why they decide to hold a family conference right there and try solving the world issues and bring about world peace?

Why Some brainboxes will get off the escalator and stand there as if something is gonna come scoop them off their feet and fly them to their destination.. Which am sure they have no clues off.. I go to Citi center and i see this sight welcoming ahead of me oh so often.. Makes me wanna ask them - are you waiting for the magic carpet??

The other hand i see a lot of eager shoppers standing near the foot of the escalator and staring at it, like as if it is a giant dragon thats gonna swallow them up.. They wont move, they wont get on it nor will they realise there are others waiting to get a free ride on the damned thing!! Sometimes i feel sorry for them [cos i too have been through that] and will tell them -just hop on, no worries!! Other times, i see them and am like-Duh!! move i t already!! :P

At weddings, the welcoming committee waiting to greet new visitors, while the ones who've come earlier are still standing there!!  They are busy saying HI Hellow to all the familiar faces and then busy scanning the hall to see who they know, and where to steer themselves... hehe...

Sale @landmark, where the crowds are more at the Bill counter than the aisles.. jeez, people, its a Sale, not "take what you can" kinda deal!! You'd think they'd show consideretion to other poor souls, aka Me and my friends!!  And at times, you'll see one soul standing in queue, while others- either family or friends going aroudn the store, doing their own leaisurely shopping, coming back to the soul at the bill counter and dumping it into the bag!!! Do you know there are others beside you waiting in line?? Move it.. move it...

Some stores where the saleswoman have been instructed to announce the price first and then show the products... happens in kidswear, sarees and basically every other store you can think off.. Pisses me off, cos i aint bothered about the price, i wanna buy good stufff. The minute they start -" these are 500Rs madam, you want to see?,Shall i show"  i am tempted to say - NO i am here for the 1Re stuff, just show me those...:D

When i take Floppy out for a walk, rather he is taking me for a run... there are some walkers who will stop, stare and then go "Aww, how cute, is he yours?".. To them, i wanna say "Ahem...Lady/Sir- do i look like the kind to steal my neighbors dog and take it for a walk in the morning?? Am i freaking crazy??"

Am the kind who loves watching movies, so much so that unless the movie is horrible i sit till the last of the credits are done with before scooting... I hate it when people walk down the aisle, and suddenly just freeze when they see credits rolling or a song playing, or bloopers being screening around then... H"ello, move your a$$es people, there are others who are sitting patiently so they can enjoy these very scenes!! They aint stupid you know!!!"

Kuri josiyam ladies at Elliots beach wandering up and down.. and its like magic, everytime one comes near me , they chirp - "Sridevi,magarasi, unakku josiyam sollatumada kannu? Naan sonnathu nijamna paisa kudu" [translation- blessed girl, shall i predict your past, present and future? if you think i'm telling the truth, you cpay me"]!!! and i fell for this once!! but what she said was quite stunning!!! 2other friends - M  & V, who were with me had a good laugh!!! ;)

Got more of these? add on...............


Anonymous said...

Loved it, Aaroo! That was brilliant. Could SO identify with all you have said :-) So what did the Josiar woman have to say? ;-)

gils said...

ada..naanum lift pathi postiruken :D same binch

gils said...

sari..kuri josiyam ennanu solaliye..sonaa nangalum siripomla

Aaarti said...

@Pal and gils... Kuri josiyam secret ellam solla mudiyadu.. asku busku... :D

Anonymous said...

Asku-busku aa illai isk-misk aa?

Antarman said...

Brialliant...and I agree to most of it, feel the same , specially for the people who stand up before the movie is finished:)

but for the price part..i want to know the price first of everything, becaus ethen only I can decide whether its worth it or not?

rauf said...

i tholl you not to go to city center Orteedee, its a blaady death trap.

If any one asks silly question tell plappy here comes your pee station plappy !

Harish Krishnan said...

Hi Archana,

Congratulations! Your post has been selected by BlogAdda as one of the top posts for this week's 'Spicy Saturday Picks'.

Do mail me at harishkrishnan at blogadda dot com for more details

Anonymous said...

Quite hilarious!

Could relate to every single instance! Been there, done that atleast once ;)

pawan said...

I have never been to your blog before, and I have come to your blog solely because of Blogadda's Spicy Saturday pick.
Firstly congrats on that, you really deserved it!

You have a perfect style of executing comedy. That is finding comedy in real life issues. The titles itself was different, which gave much scope for thinking later on.
I could relate to all the points you have mentioned, and I was amused that even I was a part of some situations (Like the people near the elevator!). I will change my ways from now on, or at least give it a try!

It's sad that you have very few comments for such a brilliant post, hope you get a wider recognition!

Cheers again!
I am following your blog, and also I will drop a few comments on your older posts!

pawan said...

Please do add a followers widget!
It will be nice :)

Anonymous said...

Landmark lae ivalo problem na ..T Nagar Saravana stores la ?

Anonymous said...

Very funny post!!!

Congratulations :)

pawan said...

I saw ur name mentioned in Blogadda as Archana!
Sorry for the mistake.


Ranjith said...

Nalla observation of the things around you....that was brilliant :-)

vishesh said...

tempted to life's like that ;)

Anonymous said...

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