Hope this festival of lights, brings you every joy and happiness. 
May the lamps of joy, illuminate your life and fill your days with the bright sparkles of peace, mirth and goodwill, because you are someone who deserves life’s best and so much more. 
Spend a moment
to remember the good times
Share the joy
with those you care about
Look Ahead
towards all the surprises in store…
Have a Blessed Lovely Day!! 

Diwali, a Festival of lights has us all excited… But gone are the days when i used to look forward to bringing home tonnes of crackers and bursting them from the wee hours of the morning… Ever Since Boss came into my life, the sheer thought of sound/noise went out the tiniest window!!! Today, i look fwd to celebrating the day with family and loved ones… Sharing and relaxing… unwinding , a day away from work and daily routine!!! 
A day with no noise… a day when we can all sit in peace…. Just wish the rest of the world also follows this… Floppy would be so grateful.. he has already started barking his brains off and shivering .. All thanks to the sound of crackers bursting afar….!! 

Say no to noise
Say yes to fun times!!! 

Happy Diwali once again!!