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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coffee, Beer or Baileys?

2 posts, both to do with coffee in 2 days.. now, thats a 1st out here.. :)

Apar had been inviting me to the club at her office for a while now, i finally took her up on the offer couple of days back and it sure was fun...

Hidden deep within her office campus, the club is just a relaxing lounge kinda place.
Board Games - Scrabble, Snakes n Ladders, Connect 4 and some more
Dart board
Pool table
Couple of sofas to chill out on
and a Counter that served up everything from water to coffee/tea to beer/wine/Bailey's...

After a few minutes of completing entry formalities..  when i had to switch off and surrender my mobile phone, stick an id patch on my arm [ well, i chose the arm, dint want to put it in front like a school kid] and walk in along with Apar to the club room...

Spent a good hour or so playing rather helping her colleagues play Scrabble .. Good fun.. going to and fro between the two, helping out with words.. doing calculations in getting their scores done...  After a game that dint seem like it was going to end, we finally celebrated the victory and then moved on to Snakes n Ladders, when J, [the lady,A who was in charge of the counter's son]

Apar kept asking me every now and then if i wanted something to drink - A coffee or maybe Baileys.. but silly me felt like having coffee and that is what i had....only to realize later on that i probably should have just taken her up on the Baileys and tried it~~ ;o)

Why? Cos Coffee is as pricey as Beer or Baileys and Wine.. lolz..

Dont ask me on what basis they did the pricing, but that is how it is... Apar filled me in on that later on.. and we had a good laugh over it cos i thought they were billing us for the electricity [coffee machine and dish powder, milk, and that contraption that makes the foam..-no clues what its called] as well......

Tea, on the other hand is cheap, way cheaper than  you can imagine~~  Guess its cos it has just Hot water, tea bag and wee bit of milk.. done... ! ;o)

It was a fun evening... tho Apar and i were doing diff things... it dint matter.... I was generally unwinding and enjoying the "time away from work,routine"..
Meeting new people was never a problem, so that wasnt a first for me either!!

Spent about 2-3hrs there... Phone switched off,locked away somewhere, and me completley chilled out.. Loved that feeling!!

Think we all need this completely "switch off " mode every now and then!! :-)

Next time, she has promised to teach me Pool [ cant play that game for nothing... carrom board yes, darts-kinda, but pool/snooker- no way ...] ... Untill then, adios~!!


Srivats said...

the tea coffee difference is same everywhere, and now I know why :)

//Think we all need this completely "switch off " mode every now and then!! :-)


Agree 100%

Gargling Garbage said...

P's kinda place.. baileys - his fav, n games - he can play forever.. now u guys got a destination when together!

G3 said...

//Think we all need this completely "switch off " mode every now and then!! :-)


Agreed 200% :))))

Lakshmi said...

yu bet..switch off mode is what Ive got into ..btw prefer the darts..have a couple of people in mind too :)

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe you chose coffee over baileys! he he he :)

vimmuuu said...

glad that you both are spending a lot of time these days together !

wonder how Apar is tolerating all your mokkaas !! :D :D :D :D

rauf said...

boo took me to a place, i was scared to enter
how muchee is kaapee here ?
she read da menu and said 160 rupees
i stopped breathing until i came out
what kind of a kaapee is that ?
hey its just for fun she said

this idiot lives in england and everything is cheap for her
i will not have even a glass of water here, freeing myself from her grip
i'll have my black kaapee at home, 24 hours supply
Abey ghode' she said

Vidya said...

I love the "chill out" area at work! :D

Anonymous said...

@Archie & Vimmuuu: Am allowed 3 guests per visit. You guys can come too....

Next Aaarti take a hint ;)

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