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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stranger vs Friend!!

Do need to know someone before going on a trip with them?
Absolutely not...

Do you need to be comfortable around someone to spend time with them?
Yep, to a certain extent...

Do you need to know someone before having fun with them?

Well, these were questions that played in my head... all of which i realized popped in because this was a 1st time experience of being around someone and being so comfy and happy!! A friend i made through a friend-Apar, but was he a friend? really? in the true sense? not really... honestly.. but today, i can proudly say he,KR, is one awesome friend.. and am glad i got the chance to meet and spend time with him.. A bigger thanks to Apar for having intro'd us !!!

The holiday we took last week had us cracking up like crazy.. laughing till our tummies hurt... shooting quirks n one liners randomly... walking up and down aimlessly....
Going berserk over a game of carrom board when a 4yr old was beating us ... :-)
Threatening to break things on our heads when we were fast asleeep...!! ;o)

No thinking before talking
No hesitation in voicing thots
No second guessing...
Not only this.. we were completing each others' sentences
Thinking the exact same thing!!!
Woww... was fun!! :)

It was a lovely experience... dont think i've been thru something like this before!! and maybe that is why i know i will cherish this experience /trip for a long time to come!!

I have been on trips with people i dint know
I have connected with strangers and built a bond
but somewhere there was a bit of strain or weirdness or distance[not the physical one]

But this time, it was amazing!!
I did things i've never done before...
I was absolutely enjoying myself...

Thanks guys!!
{dont ask me where this post came from.. just had to pen down what was floating in my head... :)]

More on the weekend trip coming up on my Travel blog.. :) Wait up!!!


Anonymous said...

A smile - The closest mile.
So smile & laugh.
hurrayyyyy !!!

Anonymous said...

:) Oh yeah...with A pocketing coins with left and right!!! and actually playing!!! oh boy!!

Anonymous said...

it was one great trip!!! thank you!!!!! :D

gils said...

semma tripu pola :) semmathiya njoy panirukeengannu nalla teriuthu :)

Chakoli said...

ohhhhh such a sweeet and cute post :)

its never necssary to follow have fun...or wen ur having fun :D

vimmuuu said... is it that you go on trips so often ??? :( :( :(

rauf said...

where you goed orteedee ?

Vaanambadi said...

Very touching!!! reminds me of a quote I read somewhere which says "There are no strangers, only friends whom you haven't met".

Srivats said...

looks like u had a great time, cannot agree with you more on meeting a stranger and taking a liking and going on trip

Living in the moment is then best joys of all!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this!! This post brought back memories of fun we've had on trips with strangers and had a great time :)

Ended up making new friends :)

Ranjith said...

cute post..
But i kind of doubt the answer for your first question though
And traveling is kind of fun....It makes people want to do it again...:)

Lakshmi said...

:) happens ..all i hope is the friendship lasts forever

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