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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Wow, today is Dec 27th!! Wonder where the year went by... Last night as i sat in the bus,returning from a mini 2day trip [hush now, will write abt it in a bit] back to Chennai, i was really thankful for 2009..

It was a year 

  • Where i grew closer to certain friends... 
  • Made some amazing friends - online and offline... :-)
  • Explored new terrain at work ..
  • Learnt a bit more about how to deal with people
  • Learnt a bit more about myself [ my +ves and -ves]
  • Tried my hand at some new games= Dart n Pool
  • Where i travelled more than ever.. some trips on my own as well 

Wonder what is in store in 2010....but am sure its gonna be a roller coaster year!!! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

[H] ear....

Me: Hi, Do you have any Goth music ?

Salesman @leading bookstore- Karthik music madam? sure, they are right here in the tamil movies section

Me: err, i meant Goth.. Gothic...!!!

Salesman @leading bookstore - Let me check..
few mins later, comes to me saying " No, we have only Karthik movies music" ...

[Pic Courtesy :]

Do they have a hearing problem??? or did i speak some other language??? :P [had a good laugh with friends and left the store wondering]  .... Aside from this wacko instance, the day was too good to be true!! more on that in another post... :-)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

No Smile for You...

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round..[remember this as you read on.... :-)] 
Today, i had to accompany gramma for her massage/treatment at Arya Vaidya Sala....Mom's been going with her the past week, so i guess the ladies there were familiar with mom's face .. We reached at 9.45 for her 10am appointment, but alas had to wait nearly an hour before the masseuse was ready for gramma!!!.. Anyways..... the reception table was empty, but soon a "not so happy looking, actually sour and grumpy looking" babe walked in, dumped her bag, and went about meddling with the computer and what not.. Gramma was sitting in the chair near the desk, and i was seated in another chair few yards away, engrossed in Lee Child... She dint care two hoots about either of us!!! 

Few mins later, another girl/lady walked in, and went straight to the desk, but she smiled at gramma, asked how she was doing and if she was waiting for her appointment... Looked at me directly, but no smile- grim look.. i did give her a smile, but when i dint get any in return, left it.. 

She then suddenly starts :

Are you with the patient [my gramma]?

I have seen another lady come with this patient [my gramma], i thought it was her sitting and was all set to smile and greet, but when i saw it was you [ a new face] i cut off the smile... 

Gramma then butt in and said  'this is my granddaughter, my daughter's daughter, since today is Sunday, my daughter wanted a break and so she has come with me" .. 

That lady - Oh ok... and then came the smile!!

Dint know you had to know someone before flashing a simple smile... was even more surprised that the lady actually told me she dint smile cos she dint know me!!! hmmm.. people are strange!! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yesterday was quite the busy, and Missy Aarti [aka Me] had her hands full till 7pm or so... yep, she was a busy busy girl, working, finishing errands, attending a not so interesting meeting and then ofcourse having FUN... ;o) 

Well, you already know she enjoys going to the Club at her friend Apar's office...  What was bound to happen was what happened last evening!!! After spending the noon at Citi center with A jr, watching him freak out at Fun City, running around and generally having a good time... she also took him to Landmark, before embarking on a wacko auto ride to "Amma's office" [as he calls it] .. 

Just as we turned into the street, clouds thundered above, making way for heavy rains... Managed to reach shelter, but not before getting drenched to the bone [by now i know what that term means... and i think its also got to do with the outfit i wore..everytime i wear it , it RAINS] .. 

Missy Aarti was so glad Apar ordered a cup of hot coffee, just the thing for this weather~  Sipping on it, she was drawn to the Pool table sitting majestic... Since Apar had promised to teach, she took her up on it and thanks to S she was able to get down to learning how to play the game!!!  N and A, pros at this game were also around, cheering me on, helping her, and making sure she got a few balls into the holes... i dont call it cheating, just a bit if help on the side...  ;o) 

What fun it was.... I actually managed to make a few shots... some slipped past, some bounced off to lalaland... but am looking forward to playing some more, getting my balance in and enjoying some more of this.... Arent i glad i met Apar and am happy she works where she does, and her office mates are damn nice!! :)

Inspired by the day, Missy Aarti managed to whip up yet another 55er - The Game.... 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This week has been interesting and different from my usual Monday and Tuesday!!!  Why? well, cos i've been doing different things, exploring various hidden aspects of mine and learning/discovering new things/traits as well...

Sunday evening Apar and A jr came over to spend the night.. After a few hours or talking, laughing, thinking aloud, it was time to call it  a day, err night... !! Monday dawned bright and cool, and i spent the day with A jr, juggling between playing with him and getting some work done.. Was an interesting experience, not babysat in ages, actually, not babysat a smart 4yr 5yr old boy ever.. He is one well behaved kid, who knows what he wants and will ask/express if he wants something else.. so, life was easy!!

That evening, went to Apar's office club [read about my 1st time experience here] ... Said a round of Hi hello to familiar faces and settled in to play a game of Rummy with 2of her colleagues... Was fun.. i had recently learnt the game properly... lolz.. Lost it cos i dint have a card! Damn!!! From there, moved around looking at the folks playing Pool [another game i've not tried but been tempted to]... Following that my eyes strayed towards the Dartboard in the corner... S, Apar's colleague came over asking if i want to play...

Said, why not and picked up 3 darts each.... there was a mat placed which i guess marks the distance from where one stands to throw the darts....  Was quite impressed with myself... 1st game i won, 2nd game S did and 3rd game we played till we couldnt play anymore..frustration took over as neither was able to shoot the required score!! :D

We start the game with either 301 or 501 as opening score [ don't ask why, were just told thats how its done  :-)heck i dint create the game!! ], and keep deducting the score we earn after 3shots.. as you come to smaller numbers, say 40 and below, you need to get double [ shoot in a 20 double spot, or if your score is 5 = shoot a 1, and then in 2 double slot and so on....].... :-) 

Quite a lot fun!!! It was the 1st time i was playing the game and at the end of the day, my right arm, near the elbow hurt.... ha ha ha.. [serves me right for getting over enthusiastic] but no regrets.... 

Coming up next.... attacking the pool table... :-)

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Sunday, December 13, 2009


"Sometimes you pick your friends, sometimes they pick you." 

What is the definition of family???? someone who is your blood relative? mom, dad, uncles, aunts, grandparents, siblings, extended cousins.... for me friends also are family.... :-))

Why am i writing about this now? well, i've come to realise that i care more about my friends than i do about my family ... wierd? strange? incorrect? well, thats me!!! Its always been this way and its not cos of a stray incident somewhere that created this....Guess am just made this way... 
If i 

  • Was in a crisis, or tough situation
  • Succeeded or lost in something
  • Got a new client
  • Lost an existing client
  • Money was due and the client was being a pain
  • Generally down in the dumps [ i wouldnt even have to tell/express it]
  • Bot a new phone
  • Got a tattoo
  • Go travelling 
  • Had a drink on my own 
  • Try out a crazy adventure
  • Got another tattoo
  • Did a dare [ that was beyond embarassing...he he]
  • Had a fight with one of the so called "blood relative'
  • Was bored
  • Lost in life...
  • Wanted to bounce off ideas
  • Pissed off and wanted to just get away
  • Just felt like company
  • and so many more that i cant think of now.... 

Everyday i wake up with a silent prayer to the Man up there Thanking him for giving me amazing sweet caring wacko mental crazy looney smart mature insane FRIENDS!!! :)

With friends around, who needs worry about life.... was actually looking for a topic to blog about and then had a nice long chat with a dear friend, which is where this post sprung from.... ;o)

Have a lovely sunday!!! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[Recipe] Beetroot & Garlic meet..

ot into one of those moods.. felt like cooking something fun.. and all i came up with were 2 beetroots that had become spongy... :-) Pulled em out, chopped em up, brought out the 2 interesting spices i had bought in blore and voila, a yummy lip smacking dish was ready!!!

What i had:
Beetroot - 2 - chopped them into small pieces [ you can grate em if you are lazy]
Roasted Garlic - 1 tbsp [ or you can use fresh garlic, just chop it up ]
Omlette seasoning - 1 tsp [ yummy, worth the buy- has onion, white pepper, and other herbs in it]
Jeera [cumin seeds] - 1tsp

How to cook:

1. In a pan, add oil, and once it is hot, add the jeera and wait for it to splutter...

2. It is now time to add the chopped beetroot and spices ... [ be liberal with garlic if you love it.. i was.. :-) ]

3. Sprinkle salt and let it cook for about 10mins till the beetroot becomes nice and tender...

Ta da... it is ready.... I had it with chappati and it was divine... !

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Movie.. M.A.S.H and kitchen invasion...

Woke up excited knowing i was gonna be out the door by 8.30am... and it was Sunday~!! We[me , friend, n her son] went to watch A Christmas Carol in 3D at Satyam...What fun it was!! :) 

Around 12, another friend, S messaged asking if we can meet for lunch... said ok,and as went to and fro deciding on where, she suggested M.A.S.H in Besant nagar beach [near Cozee and pupil]... Awesome place... beautiful view of the beach [which was pretty much deserted, err, it was 1pm] and amazing foood.... dont know where time went... we were catching up, talking about future, relishing their pasta and then came the sinful dessert - pancakes soaked in chocolate sauce accompanied with a small serving of honey and melted peanut butter... sinful~!!!! :D

It was almost like God had decided to give me a complete Awesome fun filled Interesting day~!! The auto ride back home was beyond amazing... no, the driver wasnt cute, and neither did he not ask for the sun and the moon... just that he was a Writer, poet, did a show on Suryan Fm , wrote for a political uncovering the corruption kinda magazine and had great aspirations... Kept me laughing in splits with his jokes, sometimes tearing my head apart with his Pj's, amazed at his poems, and haikus and fascinated with this thoughts on politicians... !!! [anyways, decided to dedicate a post to him....]

Finally reached home around 4 and was home alone for the rest of the evening.. As the day wore on, i felt like cooking something new and something interesting for dinner..   Dint know what, raided the fridge to find there were barely any veggies at home, leave alone anything interesting.... After a bit of fight - with myself [remember i said i was home alone :D], got online and was looking through Aparna's food blog ... i knew i wanted to try a Rice variety, so started the hunt~~~  Came upon this intersting Aloo bath when i saw madam was online, we then brainstormed on various combos, things could be added or alternative methods of making the rice.... finally, i knew kinda what i wanted to make, so got off to get going... :)

Here is what i created and it was yummmy.... [btw, when grandparents walked in home couple of hours later, gramma commented that the aroma welcomed them even before they entered home.... :-) ]

What you need: [ enough for 2people]
Potatoes – peeled & cut into cubes or any shape of your choice -3
Rice - i used 50:50 -normal rice: basmati rice - 1 cup
Cloves, cardamom & cinnamon stick - 3-4
Garam masala & coriander powder - for seasoning
Onions - 2- finely chopped 
Cumin seeds[jeera] - a tsp
Green chillies 2- slit into half
Methi leaves- i used kasoori methi- good handful of the dried methi leaves
Asafoetida - a pinch
Salt & Oil/ Butter
Milk - if you like it.. - 2tbsp

How to cook it... 

1. Wash the rice, and put to cook in the rice cooker with 3glasses of water [ measurements based on the kind of rice you are using].. To this add the cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and a bit of salt

2. Take a pan - add oil/butter, let the cumin seeds splutter, now put in the green chillies... To this, add the onions and sautéing  them till they turn a lovely brown. Now, put in the potatoes and let them cook for a few mins... Add a pinch of salt, the garam masala powder, coriander powder, and just before tossing it into the rice cooker, the methi leaves.... 

3. Let it all cook in the rice cooker... after a few mins, you can add the milk [if you like, it gives it a nice rich taste] ... Should take about 20mins to cook.... 

4. Time to serve and enjoy!!! 

What a day it was.... :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Karthigai Deepam

Imagine walking into a home and welcomed by a zillion lights and lamps? Wouldnt that be a sight for sore eyes? well, that is almost how beautiful my grandparents home was on Dec 1st... We were celebrating the Festival Of lights, Karthigai Deepam as we call it...It is also a day where Brothers thank their sisters for all they've done and give a token expressing their love - either money or gifts....!!!

Celebrated in the Tamil month of Karthigai [between Nov15 -December15].... The entire state celebrates full moon day during Karthigai just as Diwali is celebrated up North India. Excitement and flurry of activities began few days ahead of the D day... gramma was busy making out lists of Puffed rice, Jaggery, coconut, ghee and what nots... Mom on the other hand was dishing out her speciality at home and came here to help gramma as well... Puffed rice sweet balls, also called Pori urundai is what they offer the God on this day... Apart from that, we make Appam[made using wheat flour and jaggery] , vadai and some even churn out vella cheedai[sweet version of the savory] ... Not to forget the variety of fruits and flowers that find their place in the Pooja room... 

As the clock strikes 5.30, gramma called me to come help light the lamps in the Pooja room... we lit the main ones, and the rest were taken outside, lit and placed around the kolam she had drawn on the ground... Armed with a tray filled with small velakkus [diyas], gingely oil, thiri [wick] and a matchbox i walked out to arrange the velakkus, lighting them and guarding them against the cool evening breeze.. The weather was beautiful, wee bit of rain, nip in the air and breeze... 

I had a train to catch in a few hours, but the joy of lighting lamps, placing terracotta ones around the edge of the porch, lighting them every time the wind blew one out was fun.... Its something i've been doing since i was a little girl... 

After an hour...Finally relented to the wind, came inside, to dig into the pori urundais and appams~!! 

And then there is the 2nd day of Karthigai... and i missed it.... Sigh~!! Am glad i was there for atleast  the 1st day, not just to light the lamps, but to help gramma with all the stuff... 

Skywatch Friday - Skies speaketh

It never ceases to amaze me as to how within a blink of an eye , the skies create a fable....

The Sunset in Goa.....

Clouds playing around...[Lal bagh]

Trees reaching out to the skies...[Sringeri]


Some words that come to my mind when i am lost in Nature....

Mind Blowing

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