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Monday, December 21, 2009

[H] ear....

Me: Hi, Do you have any Goth music ?

Salesman @leading bookstore- Karthik music madam? sure, they are right here in the tamil movies section

Me: err, i meant Goth.. Gothic...!!!

Salesman @leading bookstore - Let me check..
few mins later, comes to me saying " No, we have only Karthik movies music" ...

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Do they have a hearing problem??? or did i speak some other language??? :P [had a good laugh with friends and left the store wondering]  .... Aside from this wacko instance, the day was too good to be true!! more on that in another post... :-)


vimmuuu said...

landmark, right ?? :D :D :D

gils said...

nalla vela..keta varthaila thitreengannu kamplain pannama irunthanay!!!

Sanand said...

That was funny!

Anu said...

ha ha ha! happens to me all the time.. esp when i ask for some documentaries hubby wants to see..... they just stop short of asking me why on earth i want to see that one anyway!!!

Srivats said...

happen to me all the time, aparantly people wont say they dont know, they would confuse you or question you worst case talk u out of what you want into what they want to sell to u

GG said...

He has not heard of it ... Had he been aware ... He would have heard you right as well ...

Anonymous said...

Ah... the advent of Gothic.... surprising but i wonder how ppl listen to dark twisted music .. well for a random cupper like me , i am really really curious.... which shop by the way ?? :P ...

vishesh said...

LOL :P And you buy music, nice :P

rauf said...

Oh the salesman is fine offering kaarthik music, did you get a good look at the chapee who wanted to lissen to Gothic music ? i have heard of Gothic Rock bands.
Richie Blackmore - Candice Night's 'village lanterne' is Renaissance music, terrific album.

As per rules you are supposed to get the scripts of plays approved by the commisioner of police. My friend came up with Othello in Tamil, some 20 years ago. You could get Museum theatre for 200 rupees. i was in charge of lighting. Vaithi took the script to police commissioner's office for approval. a cuppal of days later when he went to collect it he was told by a high ranking officer that there is too muchee violence in the script.

yenna ithu ? orrey violencaa iukkey' who wrote this play ?

Vaithi said this was written by Shakespere.

ok go get him

what ?

get the guy who wrote this

you mean get Shakespere ?

yes bring him. 'script le' orrey rattamaa irukku' (too muchee blood in the script)

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