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Friday, December 4, 2009

Karthigai Deepam

Imagine walking into a home and welcomed by a zillion lights and lamps? Wouldnt that be a sight for sore eyes? well, that is almost how beautiful my grandparents home was on Dec 1st... We were celebrating the Festival Of lights, Karthigai Deepam as we call it...It is also a day where Brothers thank their sisters for all they've done and give a token expressing their love - either money or gifts....!!!

Celebrated in the Tamil month of Karthigai [between Nov15 -December15].... The entire state celebrates full moon day during Karthigai just as Diwali is celebrated up North India. Excitement and flurry of activities began few days ahead of the D day... gramma was busy making out lists of Puffed rice, Jaggery, coconut, ghee and what nots... Mom on the other hand was dishing out her speciality at home and came here to help gramma as well... Puffed rice sweet balls, also called Pori urundai is what they offer the God on this day... Apart from that, we make Appam[made using wheat flour and jaggery] , vadai and some even churn out vella cheedai[sweet version of the savory] ... Not to forget the variety of fruits and flowers that find their place in the Pooja room... 

As the clock strikes 5.30, gramma called me to come help light the lamps in the Pooja room... we lit the main ones, and the rest were taken outside, lit and placed around the kolam she had drawn on the ground... Armed with a tray filled with small velakkus [diyas], gingely oil, thiri [wick] and a matchbox i walked out to arrange the velakkus, lighting them and guarding them against the cool evening breeze.. The weather was beautiful, wee bit of rain, nip in the air and breeze... 

I had a train to catch in a few hours, but the joy of lighting lamps, placing terracotta ones around the edge of the porch, lighting them every time the wind blew one out was fun.... Its something i've been doing since i was a little girl... 

After an hour...Finally relented to the wind, came inside, to dig into the pori urundais and appams~!! 

And then there is the 2nd day of Karthigai... and i missed it.... Sigh~!! Am glad i was there for atleast  the 1st day, not just to light the lamps, but to help gramma with all the stuff... 


Srivats said...

Celebrating deepam at grandparantes house is like my dream come true :) they are long gone and I miss celebration as such.

pori urundai and appam yum yumm, can I also join u guys please ! Now I am feeling very nostalgic , but glad I would be there in 12 days :P Hurreey!!

Anu said...

hey, the elephant vilakku is great!!! the list of lamps i want to buy is growing day by day!!!! and u are travelling, is it???

gils said...

//lists of Puffed rice, Jaggery, coconut, ghee and what nots//


Vidya said...

Karthigai Deepam is the favorite festival of mine! I miss it greatly. I remember that 3 years ago, I was in India lighting all the lamps everywhere. The best part of Karthigai Deepam is eating the appam. I make a beeline to the kitchen which is where Amma serves these items anyway! Gosh, I love it!

Thank you girl, for taking me down memory lane! :)

Aaarti said...

Sri - :)for me, the celebrations at grandparents place started after i moved in with them, 9yrs running... :)

come come... maybe will try olichifying some pori urundais for u...

Aaarti said...

Anu - that yanai vilakku is apparently like a family heirloom.. passed down from mother in law to daughter in law..gramma's is a small one, where one wheel is kinda broken.. mom has a bigger one... but yes, it is adorable and the main focus of karthigai.... :)

Was travelling- had to go to Blore on work, but now am back :)

Aaarti said...

Gils -- enna achchu? orre the feelings??? pori urundais pidikatha?????

Aaarti said...

Vidya -:)
its good fun... come soon for a visit woman...feels like its been ages..

vishesh said...

:D I like this festival, I am the one who tries arranging things and yes food :D

vimmuuu said...

nanna saapten, le? yedaavadu indha paavam payyanukku kodukkanum irukkaaa, adum ille !!!

rauf said...

keep the camera straight you silly.

get 'the story of India' Orteedee, its a 6 part BBC documentary presented by Michael Wood. He goes to Thiruvannamalai on Karthigai ting climbs up toos. i tink its in da second part. i'll make a copy for you if you want.

How you bees ?

Srivats said...

//Sri - :)for me, the celebrations at grandparents place started after i moved in with them, 9yrs running... :)

didnt i tell u the best blessings of life are not the salary increments ! :P

come come... maybe will try olichifying some pori urundais for u...

Treasure hunt maariya, sari oru pet dog kuda kuttitu vandhireen

Aaarti said...

Sri -- aaahaa, nice nice! not only u coming for pori urundais, but bringing a friend/play mate for Floppy!! :D

Aaarti said...

Vishesh - Oh cool...:)
h, btw, we were driving around ur college area some zillion times last evening... we werent lost, just that getting to our destination fell on that route~!

Aaarti said...

oye mister vimmuuu - ahem, ethavathu unakku kudukkanumnu thaan aasai.. but that is not sweet nor is it pori urundais...hehehe~~~ :D

u will know wen u meet us!!

Aaarti said...

Rauf- that is interesting... lemme try finding that series, else will take a copy from u..

he is doing good... generally growing up and throwing attitude, and getting his way with grampa n uncle!! :D

how u doing? where are u these days?

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