ET comes to Town

If you love dance
if you love art
if you love going to shows
above all…
if you wanna have some fun…

Check this out… go for it if you can!! 

Else wait for me to attend and share my views and you can read and go green with envy!! he he he

Extra Terrestrials are coming to Chennai…  

75mins of acrobatic moves, grooves and dance steps…. 

Its all happening between Feb 3-7th -3 shows daily- @ Music Academy!! 

To know more… or to book your tickets, click on  Events  or their main website- Etwow.. 

Giraffes in Chennai….

If anyone were to ask me “don’t you wish you were living elsewhere and not in this drab city?” I just might give them a thwack and send them packing!! I love Chennai!! Yes, there were times when I wished I was elsewhere, but that was only cos I hadn’t travelled much, but now that I am sprouting wings and exploring new places, am extremely happy living here… Ok, I got to be honest, Chennai is more than home… it has become a city of action[not, not ref to Political chaos or stunts in Kollywood movies…]… There is something or the other happening through the year…

How can I not mention the infamous December Music season, followed by the Dance festival? Not to forget the various other cultural activities held across the year- starting with the Chennai Sangamam in Jan[spread over a week] , to Shakti Concert & Earthsync in Feb, to the Metro plus Theatre Fest and Music fest, the various International film fests, active theatre performances, International music concerts and so much more….. All these events are not a one off thing; they are sprinkled through the year, every year!! How do I know? Well, I try to keep myself updated on what is happening and attend as many as possible…. Ok, won’t go on and on… Shall do another post on “Fun in Chennai”

The most recent experience has to be the Chennai Sangamam’s Bon Jour India’s Les Giraffe [ in asssociation with Alliance Francaise]… Jan 15th evening, 6.30pm, Venkatnarayana Road was all we knew, and we were there at 6pm, waiting for the mysterious Giraffes to make an appearance….

After the initial quenching of curiosity, clicking random shots around the Sangamam, venue of Natesan Park, we plonked ourselves right near the median, armed with our cameras and necks stretched out looking for the act to make an appearance!!

There they came… Woww!! Tall, majestic, towering high… Red giraffes, with pretty light rings on their necks, glided across the road… wait, they were headed towards Burkit Road, and not us… Darn it!! Do we go ahead or stand ground? No, we stay put, we decided!!!

They paused at the junction, did a bit of an act- Saw some fire rings, a man on stilts or was he on a platform? Weren’t sure!! Anyways, it was exciting… In a few mins, the giraffe were looming large, over our heads, and stood within a few meters waiting to start their performance… It was beautiful…

Nothing over the top, but the sheer size, idea, design, concept and synchronisation, and the woman standing on a podium belting out Opera numbers, the Clown/flirt/ groom on drums, flitting about took our breath away!! About 10 French men, the singer, and few others helping in the ground had the act running smooth as ice rink….

Even after the act was over, and the Giraffes had moved on to the next stop, we followed them, talking to some others in the crowd, sharing thoughts, while our cameras were rolling through the evening… What fun it was!!!
Chennai Sangamam is one awesome way of not only showcasing Chennai/Tamil Nadu’s rich culture, art, folk, food but also a way of bringing in people from other towns, promoting tourism and educating the locals about how beautiful the state is…. Hats off to Kanimozhi for this effort!!


Life gave me lemonade and I can’t imagine why
Born on a sunny day, beneath a tangerine sky
I live life without pretending….

is a song i love listening to…its by Chris Rice…. 

So, today evening as i was listening and singing along, i remembered the saying “when life gives you lemons….” and got thinking about people, and how they react to situations and how different our perceptions are to the same situation…. 

When a problem/ obstacle/ challenge arises, i find people take various paths & that speaks volumes about them as a person….!! 

1. Shooters

These are the people who want to take the bull  by the horn, and face the issues direct, with no beating around the bush…  they are so ready for problems,that they thrive on walking on fire, and perpetually battling demons… The minute they hear of a trouble, their mind kicks into action, and before you can spell LEMONADE, they’d have come up with alternatives, or methods to work through the chaos … They mite not come up with an instant solution, but they know they can!!! Sometimes, they get carried away that they yearn for appreciation, and accolades…. 


Hmmm, well, like the tortoise in the Tortoise and hare story, these people wait, think about it  and then act smart.. They are in no hurry,  but heck, they are part of the rat race, except they arent aiming to race ahead and fall off the cliff in a rush… They mull over the issue, chew the cud a bit, and then churn it in their head for a while.. Thinkers – they can be found drawing various possibilities until they hit upon what they think will work for the circumstance… Slow and steady, you can be sure they will come out with a best possible solutions!! 

3.Bakers –

There are always the set of people who sit and wait for someone else to come up with an answer.. NO, they arent dumb!! Just that they have either been beaten down too many times, or just not the initiative taking, hyper, enthusiastic group of souls.. They would rather just chill, while they know the Tortoises or bang on’s will rise to the situation, beating them to it !! They let the problem sit in their heads, like a loaf of bread baking in the oven, that needs to take its time to cook… So, if rushed, they will panic or freak out and fumble… !! They are slow, but not really the smartest cookie in the jar… The cookies that get left behind cos no one wanted em, till others have no choice is where they belong…!! 🙂

4. Ice Creams –

Just like how ice creams sit in the freezer,unless someone decides “I want an ice cream now” … this category of people will just sit tight, not doing anything…  they’ve pretty much settled for what they’ve got in life, not being too gungho about anything… Sitting there, probably just counting sheep, they wait for the next hand to reach out to them…Again, since there are so many flavors to choose from, who knows when that lone “Black current sundae” will get its turn.. Maybe when the freezer is nearly empty,with just a few others left…  They are scared, keep hoping their luck will change,but unsure of when that will happen…. Wish more people liked Black current flavor..i sure love it , for then they would realise how amazing the flavor is and what they were missing out on !!!  🙂

Made any sense???? 

Ok, now take a minute and leave a comment on what is the 1st thing that pops in your head when you hear the phrase — 

“When life gives you lemons ……………………………. “… [Shall leave mine too in the comment.. but dont cheat, dont copy!!! ;o)]

[Here is a pic i found on the net.. absolutely LOVE it…]

Disclaimer: Am not judging anyone, generally voicing my observations and thoughts!!  So, if you find yourself nodding your head while reading this..                    …… go check your head!! 😉

[Skywatch Friday] Start Action..Drama

Watching the sun blaze
Up above in the 
mighty sky

colors, orange to blue
clouds swishing past 
as if to rehearse

as if on cue
they move and glide
coming to life… 

These 3 pictures taken one beautiful evening in Sankey Lake, Bangalore

A glimpse of the sun as it sets behind the clouds on the Candolim beach, Goa

For more beautiful skies, go to Skywatch friday … 

Bookworm Rampage

I go through these phases… Am sure all of you also do!!  There are days when i do nothing but work, and then those when fun plays a bit part of my day… The latter is what i enjoy, cos it gives me a sense of calm at the end of it all… The past couple of weeks have been such – maybe cos workload isnt that much or i’ve just made a subconscious choice to include plenty of fun during my busy daily routines – outing with friends, just chilling out at home with an interesting book, grooving to music on my iTouch , watching a movie or jus about anything that i am upto !!

Books have been a part of my life for as long as i can remember.. Even when we were living in Tirunelveli, i used to pick up books from chennai, people who visited us brought me books – Enid blyton, Mystery of five find outers, Naughtiest girl in school, Archie comics, Chanda mama, Sense &Sensibility and what not!!  .. This awesome habit has stuck with me, infact mom keeps saying- its because of this reading[err, reading in the dark, with improper light] that you wear glasses.. Heck, it doesnt matter~!! 🙂 Infact its thanks to family that i got into music as well – specifically english music….

Couple of weeks,or a month ago, Apar gave me a whole load of books.. What joy i felt cant be expressed in words.. A colleague was leaving the city, and left behind all his books for grabs!  Amazing right?!! There were plenty by 2 of our favorite authors – Lee Child &  James Patterson. [here’s a whole list of James Patterson’s books]

Was introduced to James Patterson last Jan, during the ride to Pondy with friends! Murder mystery, cop, thriller kinda writer who has me going till i finish the last word on the last page.. Infact same holds for Lee Child, who was introduced to me by another friend… 🙂

Here is a collage of all the books by these authors that i have read till date…. !! each of them are fabulous, atleast i enjoyed them thoroughly… !! 🙂

Another author I’ve been reading a lot is Jodi Picoult… Every visit to the library, will have me clutching a book by this amazing author!! Waiting to watch My Sister’s keeper movie to see if its just as the book or altered… But most of her books are about kids, parents, and health related issues… !!

and before you ask…. Yes, i’ve read ’em all …. hahaha~!! Reading some more, but that shall come in another post…!! 


Towering high
majestic and grand
decked in bright red
with rings of light on your neck
you came waltzing towards me

fear, excitment and a rush
ripping through me in all directions
knew not what was in store
heart beating faster
hands itching to click

not one, or two, but
quite a handful
big steps, looming large
closing the distance,
i saw the gentleness in you

words of awe and admiration
gasps, and claps

frenzy of emotions
engulfing me from around 

drawing me into your act

all the way across the world
a small country i know is your home
larger than life ideas, thoughts
never seen before
overwhelming us all

parading as if you owned the space
dancing to the beats
twirling and swirling
flirting and romancing
you had us all spell bound
while, time flew by quietly

The Giraffes ruled the evening!!!

Just felt like writing these few words after witnessing an interesting act today evening as part of the Chennai sangamam – a cultural fest over a week, coming to an end tomorow… This was from Bonjour India~!! 

Menu for 2010….

Yes, i know its been a while since i lurked about, no excuses, just that i was busy with that 4letter word that has us all in the maze… LIFE!! 😀

Its been ages since i sat and thought about life and where it was taking me… Most of the time, am quite happy going with the flow, and just taking it a day at a time… Sat down last night, found a pie chart, spent some time mulling over all that mattered to me in life and created this! A 1st time approach! 🙂 

Well, i still believe in that, but i want to get a bit more focussed in the days to come and that is why i thought its about time i created a plan of action and set about achieving it.. if not all, then as much as possible!! no use saying Nothing is happening when i dont put in required effort… !!

Quite happy with the way my mind, body and soul are working… Complete sync with each other, when i mentioned this to a friend, she said “you are maturing sweetheart, in control of yourself, am proud of you”…!! 

And couple of days back when i was in Blore, spending time with Lakshmi…. i managed to get quite a bit of clarity as well … being able to speak your mind, share your thoughts- no matter how raw they are and having someone give you sensible answers, or responses or share their experiences sure sets the perspective in place!! i guess it is true, with time one does mature and their thinking process also changes… 

When am talking to another friend, who’s going through a rough patch, i see a different side of me come to surface… i see one that has been through life, embraced the angels and dealt with the demons reach out and yearn to help her… Makes me realise that yes, i have come quite a way in life and have accepted each of the pats and wacks, taken some lessons from each of them and tried to incorporate it into my life…

The process has been tough, the path has been quite rugged, or maybe i took the less travelled path that was a bit bumpy, but heck, it’s been one hellova ride!! Looking fwd to more!! 🙂

So, Here’s to me and 2010..!! lets see how far i get…. !! Wish me luck!! 

Quick Getaway.. Pondicherry!!

Sometimes you dont know which direction you are headed till you actually reach!! 

For us, it happened literally..It was the Christmas long weekend, and the plan was a trip to Karnataka, but Murphy came into action, so we did a U turn and breezed towards Pondicherry instead and what  fun the 2days were..!!

Completely unplanned.. no agenda… infact we dint know where we were gonna stay as it was the Christmas weekend and all hotels and guest houses were full, err lemme rephrase, they all had rooms available for 24th but we had to scoot on 25th morning… since we were planning on getting there on 25th, we took the only alternative available, and decided to gate crash into Apar’s aunt’s place!! 

Shimmering waters along the ECR

Every time i go to Pondy, its a whole new experience…. 

Different company, different atmosphere, different discoveries …. !! This time was no different.. Not only did we try a new restaurant – Lunch @ Haveli in Hotel Annamalai International, but also managed to fulfil our dream of having Baileys irish cream [@Rendezvous with yummy pasta dinner].. 

Part of the Christmas decor @ Ananda Inn

One of a kind experience was witnessing a whole brigade of people at the beach and on the streets [ had me wondering why, till my friend said – its Christmas/ long weekend-Duh!!] … 

Windmill peeping from behind the walls of the cafe/shipping arena @ Auroville

Discovered Pondy had a Sringeri Sharadambal temple [ had to share that bit of news with folks at home and the instant words were out, they were all yelling – go visit the temple]… 

A canopy on the beach [ pic taken during my earlier visit]

Took friend and her son to Auroville, only to be told we cant go into the Matri mandir any more, not unless we had prior permissions or knew some big shots…. ;o) [Only big shot i know is Me…:D] .. we were shown a video footage of how the whole project began and has evolved over years.. the last few times i’d been to Auroville, we had gone inside the Matri Mandir, right up to the top, to see the crystal ball… !! but now, rules have changed!! for the better am sure!! 

Matri mandir at a distance… Auroville… after a lovely 1km walk!!

Had the most yummmmiest lunch @ Ananda Inn- buffet, the spread was delightful- starting with salad down to the desserts… Only disappointment was they were out of Chocolate eclairs and my friend wanted one, asked a couple of people, but alas we left without savoring one of them eclairs…!! Always a next time!! 

Waves lashing against the rocks at the beach

We did make a quick stop at the Aurobindo Ashram, sailed along the queue and swished right out.. never seen such a crowd in Pondy, ever…!! 

The lighthouse, standing guard

I truly believe – 

1.Travel to explore unexplored sights and scenes…

2.Get lost – literally and otherwise, for only then will you learn your way around and unravel hidden truths about yourself… 

The evening sky, moon shining bright..

3.Have no set agenda, that way you can go with the flow and see more… i love visiting unheard of, out of the order, non touristy yet interesting places…! 

4. Walk… thats the best way to enjoy a new town..
If you cant walk, use local transport.. good fun and you learn so much more about the place/history/must visit places and so much more..

Matri Mandir, in all its Glory @Auroville

We took the bus from CMBT, Koyembedu… not the volvo, but a regular one, costing about Rs55 per person.. and within Pondy, we walked or took the auto.Mind you, autowalas are as bad as in chennai, so be ready to haggle… 

Return was also via bus, except this was wee bit better, and airconditioned, so tickets were Rs145 each… Bus takes about 3.5 to 4hrs, with one pitstop… And buses ply from Chennai & Pondy every 15mins!! 

Off i go to yet another familiar yet unfamiliar town tomorrow… Will come back with more stories…. Till then, adios!! 


Got this as a fwd from a friend today and just wanted to share with all of you!! simply beautiful … Read on….

A man was walking down the beach at sunset. 
As he walked along, he saw another man in the distance. 
He noticed this man kept leaning down, picking up something and throwing it out into the water again and again. 
As he approached even closer, he noticed that the man was picking up starfish that had been washed up on the beach. 
He was throwing them back into the  water, one by one.

Puzzled, he approached the man and said, 
“Good Evening. I was wondering what you are doing.”
“I’m throwing these starfish back into the ocean.  You see, it’s low tide and all these starfish have been washed up onto the shore.  If I don’t throw them back into the ocean, they’ll die up here from lack of oxygen.”

                                         A starfish that got left behind… @Colva beach, Goa

“But there must be thousands of starfish on this beach.  You can’t possibly get to all of them.  And, don’t you realize this is probably happening on hundreds of beaches all up and down this coast.  Can’t you see that you can’t possibly make a difference?”

The man bent down and picked up yet another starfish, and threw it back into the ocean. 

With a smile he replied, 
“Made a difference to that one!”

Just remember, no matter how small the deed, it really does make a difference. 
Make a difference today. 
Do something nice for someone else, even if it’s just sending this story to a friend and letting them know someone cares about them.