Couple of days back, had gone to an uncle’s house.. I wanted to go say hi to another uncle, who was in his room, on the 1st floor.. had to go through their living area- which had the Tv and Computer.. As i took a step into the room, i heard ” Dont come, am checking mails, its personal”. Stopped right there in my tracks and looked to where the voice came from.. It was my cousin’s cousin[ all of 8yrs old] siting on the comp, typing away in fury!! 
What the heck, just a kid, and i walked on only to be stopped again by him… Was stumped, retraced and commented about this to my uncle… Uncle chuckled and said “he is like that, leave him be or else will bring the roof down”… 
# Now, i dint know if he was guarding his privacy or seen someone else behave this way or was told to stay away when someone else was using the computer..! but i found it strange!! 
Another thing that came to my mind was my sister[she turns 20 this yr] and her phone!! She has a keypad lock, and no one can use her phone when she is not around… This has always been the case… top it off, she doesnt leave it lying around either!! But she will use stuff from my cupboard, shelves, and leave them open, which i dont like…  and when i tell her to shut them, i get a earful….
#- Is she again just guarding her privacy or hiding something??? Does she think we’ll snoop around if we were able to use her phone??? My other cousin n some of her close friends know the code to unlock and they happily fidgit….. 
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One other thing that hit me was i keep things locked up… But not with the key hidden, but hanging in the lock… I am someone who is extremely organised, for whom things need to be in their place… I come home after a meeting/wedding/movie/etc etc, remove and put my watch in my draw, leave handbag at its set place, and like it that way… Similarly, my cupboard and other places are also pretty organised… and i will know if someone has touched/meddled/ moved something around… Yes, there is one cupboard that has all my stationery, perfumes, cosmetics, etc etc that is locked and i have the key- again i dont carry it around, along with my house key, the bunch stays in my bag…. dont leave that key hanging….
My phone does not have a lock.. Yes, there was a time few years ago when i used to carry it around all the time, but then i’ve stopped doing that for abt 2-4yrs now…. Nothing to hide, dont delete msgs or pics before leaving it lying around…. 
# Am i being on guard? am i also guarding my privacy by keeping things locked up?
Any of this makes sense or am i rambling too much??? ok.. hand hurts.. time to go rest it…!Gnite 🙂