on Dec 31st ’09.. It was doomsday at home…  I woke up at 6.30 and as i sleepily got out of my room, an eerie silence greeted me.. Took me a few minutes to adjust to the silence, and realise it was that day… Gosh, time had flown by so fast… 1st thought was- where is granpa?? found him in the dining room, sipping his tea, in silence… 
[rewind a bit so you understand the emphasis on silence]
In our home, the TV is on around 4am.. granparents are up and watching one or the other tamil/religious channels on some talk/discourse/shloka/etc… and parallely, the Worldspace in their bedroom hums to life, with Shruti on full swing- a carnatic piece floating in the air… This is the routine for as long as i can remember!! 
[fastfwd to 31-12-09] 
Why the silence? Cos Worldspace had stopped their service in India… Had received a mail from them saying the same couple of weeks ahead of the date.. we had been hearing of their bankruptcy situation on TV, but dint know what was going to happen… Infact, last year , we paid Subscription for not one year, but two thinking what the heck, why not!! ๐Ÿ˜€ 
Granpa was morose and in a fowl mood for a couple of days..kept switching on the worldspace unit to see “maybe, just maybe miraculously it would sing as always”… and then walk away sad…. Today, the unit sits in its cupboard [ yes, uncle bought a cupboard so it can be stored neatly] and used as a stand for books and sundry….!!
Is there a point to sending Worldspace the details they had mentioned on email [also found here on their site]… will they resume service ever?? why is it that only Indians are subject to this??? unfair i say!
Have you had any such experience??do share.. [psst, this post was sittin in draft forever now.. and finally decided to up n publish it]