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Sunday, February 14, 2010

He said, I said...

The pain started about 3weeks ago, initially,i shrugged it off assuming it was a sprain, but even after applying Iodex, Absorbine and what not, no respite... Went to the doc, who again said its just a sprain, and prescribed pills and a different oinment... 

Another fortnight passed, i was in Blore and could feel the pain continue to linger... esp at night and morning, it was a killer... I would be unable to move my wrist or rotate it , invariably wake up nearly in tears.... Came back to Chennai, went to Doc, took an xray[bah, of no use it was, came out saying NORMAL]... and then decided to go to another doc... Alas..he gave me an answer- TENDONITIS...[Inflammation of the tendon in my right wrist] .. Gonna be another 2-3weeks before it goes away...  

Why it happened ? - Doc has no idea, said it is cos of an injury i must have had recently... [cant remember anything :( ]

Such a bummer- unable to type an sms... cant type more than a few words on comp..everything done with left hand.. ok, anyways.. what happned was, a blog friend of mine Cm -Chap came online 2days back and this was kinda what happened... 

He: you too? 
me: what? err, what you talking about da?

He: just saw your status - gtalk- "Tendonitis, the word of the month!".. i was gonna put up the exact same thing :)

Me: really?wow... ya, i've been suffering for abt few weeks now.. right wrist... pain seems to be moving ahead to the arm
He: yep, for me it was reverse.. started in shoulder...then elbow and now wrist... 
Applying Bengay and  not using it much

Me: ah, okay...
wearing wrist strap?
Whats Bengay? i have only heard of absorbine

He: nope... i am trying not to show it off too much, but pain takes over at times
Initially, ignored it, but pain broke me...
Bengay is an oinment, like iodex, very effective..

Me: Ditto, same here... 
Ah, okay... ya, now i remember, my uncle in USA has sent Bengay for gramma..
Ironic.. of all the things, we are talking abt health!! As long as it gets alright,am happy..this is painful and annoying.. kinda feel handicapped

He: :) right... i know!!! 

and there went on our conversation... !! :)


Lakshmi said...

this too shall pass..take care

Anu said...

Thats so sad..... take care.... i sprained my ankles a few years ago... and the doc said it was a muscle fracture... and i neglected it.. it still shows up every now and then... so take care now... and Bengay is available at some places here.... it really works.. my uncle in chennai uses it...

vishesh said...

ha I think I have it in my shoulder..keeps acting up every now and then... :P but am sort of used to it now ..or wait is it that, in the first place?
no clue :P

Swaram said...

Oh dear .. take care. Get well soon!

A journey called Life said...

Bengay is like a magic portion, works for us for ALL sorts of muscle ailments..take good care please..

Anonymous said...

Take care !!!

BTW, how are u doing all this typing ????

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