I have a photographic memory... No, i am not refering to the phrase about -“All of us have photographic memory, some just dont have film in it!!!” 😛
I tend to remember things a bit too much in detail, and sometimes its quite funny!! Yes, there are days when i wish i dint remember so much, but to hell with that.. Cant have it all can we!?
I remember-
Interesting moments
Conversations we had while at a particular spot
Will remember the conversations/moments everytime we go to that place… 
The Downside is, i also remember-
Sad Things people did
Hurtful moments
Tears and the entire story behind it
Right Down to every last detail.. What was i wearing, what time was it.. What the weather was like.. How many others were around us.. What was i doing before/after… and everytime the place/moment/person/thing comes up i will remember! No, i am not faffing!! 🙂
Was recenlty reading up about photographic memory and discovered its called Eidetic memory. Now i dont now if i fit into that category, but i do remember more than others around me!! Keep ragging my mom and Family saying – You had a child prodigy and you dint know!! 🙂
What brought this post about? well,last night was surfing the net and found a random post about Bowling and  “Snookers” and that is when memories came flooding- a conversation  i had with a friend during my recent visit to Blore.. during a drive down a particular road near his house and what we spoke about till we reached the signal, the words my friend spoke and how during our next drive down that way i told him of it and we had a good laugh!! 😀