On April 14th, Tamil New Years Day, uncle came home and exclaimed – your manni wants to go to a Lakshmi narasimha temple today.. She is talking of a temple in Sholingur, can you find out about it or other temples? After a quick on my ipod touch, i read out some facts about that temple, distance etc… Given the heat, uncle said -no way, thats too far off and climbing a hillock in this blazing sun is just out of the question.. Any other options?  
 The hillock on which the temple sits
[Ding Dong ]Thats when it hit me..  Singaperumal koil, near Chengelpet.. I had been there with Lakshmi about 7months back and it was a Narasimha temple, and i was very sure we saw a Lakshmi narasimha idol there.. Narrated in detail to uncle and then to aunt about the temple, how far it was, and how it was built inside a mountain, and the giri valam or pradakshanam was done around the temple, on the hillock… Managed to find the number and found out that the temple is open till 12noon and then 4pm onwards.. 
The tree where people worship and leave something on – pile of stones[homes], cradle[babies], thread[marriage]
Post lunch, we hit the road around 2.30pm and as we were driving along, aunt wanted a detailed version of  what i had spoken on the phone earlier.. I went on to describe our journey, starting with the time we left home to where all we visited .. She was fascinated and had a gleam in her eye, but uncle clearly cut her off saying – today you want to go to this temple, we do only this and get back home!! 🙂
We reached the temple at 4pm, but the priest came to open the doors only around 4.30pm. Aunt had a bit of doubt if there was an idol of Lakshmi narasimha, but that was put to rest as we proceeded towards the main sanctum… I quite like that temple, there is soemthing peaceful and powerful about the place!!! 
A sense of Deja vu hit me as we passed along familiar places and paths… Kept remember bits and pieces of conversation Lakshmi and i had had earlier… the car, AC not working, all of it came flooding like as if it was a trip taken few days ago!! 
Its beautiful how a visit to the same place with different people can add to our experiences!  For more pictures from our earlier trip, click here
Untill next time!!