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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Whats happening in your life ? - Will email you

You switched jobs and dint tell m? - Duh, Dont you get Linkedin updates?

Where did you travel to ? - Check out my cool pictures on Facebook

Have you seen this xyz movie? - Yep, and even reviewed it on my Blog.

Can we meet for coffee? - - Oh, arent you on my Twitter list, i've got plans?

I need abc's number- wait up, can i text you? 

Its almost like we dont do anything in person these days!! 

 What am trying to say is -Yes,technology is good, but when i hear people talking about how their life is over if their phone dies, or if they dont have internet for half hour it irks me!! Wake up.... Why are you letting technology [ which is man made] control your life? Shouldnt it be the other way around??

A friend last evening texted me - Arent you on gtalk? nope, i had logged out i said.. but then when i came to the computer, i realised i had left it on but not checked or left a message saying "Away" :-)

“The greatest danger in modern technology isn't that machines will begin to think like people, but that people will begin to think like machines”

 PS: I am a gadget freak, but not an addict! ;)

Love this quote ...
Ants crawl up and down the walls, no matter how busy they are, they always stop and communicate with each other.... 


Lakshmi said...

to me technology is just a cheaper form of communication esplly when people stay away fm yr city ..the phn is bloody expensive..dont remem textg you yday tho I normally ask you the question ..gtalk is cheaper than phn

Venksh said...

there was time when people use to love other people and use new technology but as time changed even people changed they started loving technology and started using people.


amit's words said...

hmm..I 'think' you are right & I feel the same.
Thats why minimum time in solitude & social gathering is required.
It reminds us that we really are individual human being.

Swaram said...

U hv a point there! Loved the quotes :)

Shrinath said...

Hey Aarti, check the slow movement. And yeah, i have weaned away from 24/7 access. Life is good.

Anu said...

good one, Aarti! but fb and gtalk have really been a godsend for me, since i am really bad at calling up people... am more in touch with friends and cousins than ever before... and as lakshmi says, its also much cheaper!

hey, and theres an award for you on my blog!

Avni Iyer said...

Good one sweets says it all..aah and tht quote hahahahahahah

Well technology has taken us over...liked i txted u ydy why arent u online :p

SS said...

technology eats us .. and we all like it.. good article..

vimmuuu said...

I know ! getting wired is becoming weird now ! Im just on blogs these days, totally cut off from the rest. Need to join facebook, thinking when to ! :D and twitter is never gonna happen with me; I just cant stop writing ! :D

vishesh said...

*sigh..I haven't even updated my blog for a week or so!

Dharma said...

Sad but true! Technology rules these days

painful heart said...

i know some of persons who were there in social networking sites for whole day...
actually technology decrease the real closeness between ppl...

Anonymous said...

I loved the ants quote!

I think a lot of time when people say their life stops without the internet they are just trying to say they love the internet... :)

My only concern is that one should still stay close to nature and get enough exercise and fresh air :)

Aaarti said...

@lakshmi-- Yep, it has made life a lot easier no doubt!! but there are times i wonder do we really need all of this? guess its the pros n cons fight!! :D

and no it wasnt u who texted :)

Aaarti said...

@Venksh - hey, thanks for dropping by and that awesome statement -- so true... sad...

Aaarti said...

Amit's words- welcome here!! well, am not saying one should be out there partying but they need to have personal touch, be in contact with people one on one!! but alas, i too love technology!! :)

Aaarti said...

Swaram -- :)) Thanks!!

Aaarti said...

Shrinath - welcome here!! what is this slow movement? i've started the "lets not be hooked all the time" concept in life... :)) its good

Aaarti said...

Hi Anu... That is true.. i guess its all about the pros and cons .. 2sides to every coin right?? :)

Oooh, Award.. wait up, am coming!!

Aaarti said...

Avni aka BB Addict ;) -- hey!! see, told u na abt the quote.. was such a spooky coincidence... :)))

Aaarti said...

SS - hey, nice to see you here!! yep, technology has swallowed us and yep, we love it :)))

Aaarti said...

Vimmuuu -- Nahin, dont join FB or twitter... nee erkaname padutharthu mudiyala... hahaha..u will start writing more and more and we wont know where to comment or where u r... hehehe... :))
hows u???? when we meeting??????????????????????????????????????????

Aaarti said...

Vishesh- dei, atleast once comment..hehehe... go update your blog now... :)) exam saaga...!!

Aaarti said...

Dharma-- whoa, is that really you? wow..welcome here! :)))

Technology is something we need and yet dont!! battle goes on !!

Aaarti said...

Painful heart= welcome aboard!! oh sheesh, i too have some friends who are hooked and online all the time.. sad.. they feel they dont have a life outside of it...

Good to be connected, but not OD on it!!

Aaarti said...

IHM- hey lady!! Yep, as long as people dont lose touch with reality and life outside the technology am happy :))

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