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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 30 - Mish Mash Meetup

A few ago , i got a DM from @soravjain inviting me to be a part of the June 30th  -Social Media Day- Mashable Meetup happening in Chennai!! Saw the message, read the information in the link and then forgot about it till last evening.. Suddenly remembered the meet, went and registered myself on the site and looked forward to being a part of it. 

Finally, today dawned and what do you know-its a crazy busy day since i opened my eyes, actually even before that but alas, i was oblivious to it...  Finished Granpa's bday homam, got home, worked,and knew i had to send out some stuff before the end of the day... Towards the evening, kinda felt lost and spaced out, but managed to finish the little bit of content left, and got ready and off i went to the Unwind center for the Mashable meetup!!

Reached at 6.40 and left the venue around 9pm..Wonder where the 3hrs went... Met quite a few interesting folks, some familiar , some new and it was good fun talking/interacting with each of them... After years of playing Housie-Housie, got a chance to call out numbers... After many panel discussions, here i was again on the panel answering queries related to social media and how it works!!

Am glad i went... Am glad i carried my cards.. Am glad to have met the people i did!!  looking forward to more such meets!! 

Oh and this is the last post for the month of NaBloPoMo - it has been one awesome experience, one that i enjoyed everyday... Have decided to continue, taking it forward to my other blogs as well ... :-) Not a day felt forced, not a day went by empty.... A big Thank you to Prats for getting the ball rolling...Kudos to Monika, Neha, Swaram, and Iya  for joining in....  may we all Blog more and may the Fu never end!! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 29 - Means to me

New definitions of abbr that i discovered from people around me... quite interesting i must say!! :)

LOL - no, its not laughing out loud around here.... the 1st time my sis used this with my uncle, it meant Lots of Love and remains so....

WTF : this was hilarious...the other day when mom was sitting with me, she read a tweet that ended with WTF.. and was wondering "Why does that person say Wednesday Thursday Friday"at the end of their msg? and its only Monday today!! ... ;) 

FML - Was at a friends place, when his 10yr old old niece came over and was randomly reading out stuff from her computer and when she came FML- she said "For my love".... [why dint i think of that?? ;o)] 

Best of the lot is BTW -- new definition discovered by a friend of mine over a phone call --"Biatch, Thats Wacko" ,"Box The Wuss" and when she was talking about her ex bf-  maybe he was "Boinking That Witch'...;-) 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 28 - I love to singa

For some strange reason, since morning i've been playing this tune - I love to Singa in my head and just cant get the owl outta my head!! :D

Now, watching the video after all these years, i wonder if the little guy was telling us we all lead 2 separate lives- 1 that the people in the close circle see/believe and one for ourselves!! Our parents expectations from us and what we turn out to be!! :

Something to ponder about,right???!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 27 - Cha Bar or Chai shower?

At pizza hut
V: post lunch, lets go to Cha bar in Oxford bookstore, i simply love their chai
Me: oh yes, sure thing!

After a while,as we were done with lunch, we got out, waved an auto and made our way to Oxford book store, would have walked, but V was just recovering from an injury!! Walked into Cha bar, and i ordered Masala chai and he - his usual 2nd flush Darjeeling chai

More talking, chatting across topics over the Chai and also discussing different kinds of tea we've tried around the country and how we both liked our tea watery with just a drop of milk.... Bid adieu about an hour later and i made my way to my friend A's place...

Walked in as she awoke from afternoon nap... Asked the nanny to make us all some chai [she makes good tea] and took the "just woke up, but am smiling,blushing 1.5yr old son", and randomly making babytalk with him... In a while, her hubby walked in... few minutes later, a friend also came over...and we began talking about Raavanan vs Raavan and comparing movies, etc....

Am sitting on the bed, jr playing near my leg sitting on his mom's leg and am holding a cup of hot chai.... the next instant i see a flying splash of chai that fell on my dress and around on the bed as well .. "From Chai bar to Chai bath" i told her after trying to clean up .... and then jr comes over points to the soiled sheets and says "Doodhu "., "aaru?".. and then some more which we couldnt decipher in the most adorable slur... :D 

One very interesting afternoon i must say!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 26 - Drained

Am tired of praying
Am tired of hoping
I know 
I need to keep praying
I need to hold on to hope!! 

keeps throwing pain
keeps hurling blows
i know
I need to keep praying
I need to hold on to hope!! 

Am drained
Am tired
How much longer
i wanna ask..... 
I know
I need to keep praying
I need to hold on to hope!!

Just ranting cos of some things happening in life.... !! i know this phase too shall pass...but till then, we all need some strength!!! 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 25 - Colours of Life

Was randomly browsing the net when i stumbled upon this website... Upon spending a few minutes i hit on a page that spoke about Colours and personalities...

It shows that you are very social, assertive & energetic. But at the same time, you are also moody and impulsive. You feel deep sympathy for fellow human beings and are easily swayed. You are an optimist, but you are also a complainer and do not desist from voicing your complaints or discomforts.

You are good natured, enjoy being with others and are swayed by outside opinions. You do good work, have strong loyalties, and are very good at heart.

You are very imaginative and have a strong urge to help the world. You are inclined to speak of lofty ideas without applying them in practical. Secretly, you are shy, wish to be respected, crave admiration for your wisdom and are a mental loner. You are a safe friend in whom people can confide their secrets and problems .

You are a good citizen and a pillar of the community and are sensitive to social customs and etiquette. You are frank, moral and reputable. You make yourself a splendid teacher and feel deep affection for your family.

You are deliberate and introspective. You have conservative convictions and retreat to gentler surroundings in times of stress, but are sensitive to the feelings of others. You keep a tight rein on your passions and enthusiasms, are a loyal friend and lead a sober life. You nourish big dreams but do not act on them. Stupidity in others annoys you, as does superior intelligence.

You have a good mind, a ready wit and an ability to observe things that go unnoticed by others. You get angry easily. You display fine-arts creativity and appreciate the subtle but recognise the magnificent.

You perform your duties very well, are clever with money matters, stubborn in your habits and convictions. You are dependable and steady, dislike impulsiveness and can bargain very well.

You are cautious, try to strike a compromise in most situations. You encounter and seek composure and peace. You try very hard to fit yourself into a mould of your own design.

You are above average, worldly, conventional, proper, polite and regal. Black is a colour that means one thing (depression) to the clinical psychiatrist and quite another (dignity) to you.

  This was interesting, no doubt... But i was curious to know more about my favorite Color- BLUE... googled a bit more about colours and personalities when i hit upon this site where

Blue traits are--

  • Sensitive To Needs Of Others.
  • Sincere. Expresses Appreciation.
  • Cooperative. Collaborative. Creative.
  • Caring. Team Builder And Player.
  • People Person. Engages Others.
  • Artistic. Inspirational. Spiritual.
  • Inclusive. Mediator. Peacemaker.
  • Idealistic. Intuitive. Romantic. Loyal. 
  • Seeks Unity And Harmony. Caretaker.
This got me thinking and i began to mull over the points for a few minutes..Was i any of these/all of them and i went back in time to find a matching situation to a trait...  There were a few that i agreed to and others where i felt the traits given dint really match who i was!! 

Hmmm... looks like i need a 2nd, 3rd or 4th opinion... Care to share!???

For those who know me - do share your pointers....and others,Thanks for visiting and dropping a note... looking fwd to interacting more :)   

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 24 - [Skywatch Friday] Lights

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. ~
Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross

For more treats from the skies, click here

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 23- Chitty Chaty Bang Boing

A lady battling with a crying child... who just wont stop crying... and her hubby is busy bonding with some classmate he bumped into on the train

2 guys travelling to a different city for Visa interview... exchanging notes on how much their work sucks and they joined the company only cos of the FOREIGN travel promise.... 
The guy in the seat ahead of mine happily snores away, his seat pushed right behind, almost on my lap..excuse me, do you mind?!!

The steward juggling with endless plates brimming with food, and serves them as the sambar from one of the containers spills on his vest... 

A can of Appy juice that mysteriously appeared near my foot... [wasnt served on the train]

Knowing that the train aint gonna go any further, people rush to grab their bags and make a dash for the exit....whats the hurry????? are you in a race- i wanted to YELL!!! 

The over enthusiastic traveller in the seat behind mine, who kept calling and receiving calls , foll which his conversation was " I am on my way to Chennai and guess what, am travelling by Shatabdi express".. How do i know what he said? well, he was ...ummm... lets say, not so soft while talking!!! hmfph!!

A comfy window seat, perfect to catch a few winks...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 22 - One slipper flew over the wall

Had gone half way across town to meet a friend, and while there, buzzed another who lived hoip skip jump away! He came pickd me up and we went to his house!! Was sitting on the floor generally talking catching up with him and his wife, when his son ran around playing. He would run straight towards the door, do a U turn, and straight onto me, falling on my lap. After a few such runs, i told him its not safe, he might fall and hurt his head. When he dint stop, i got up and sat on the sofa..

The little 4yr old got so upset, he sulked, and when no one came to his resuce, he ran outside saying "Aunty,am gonna throw your chappals over the wall".. I shrugged it off.. 1 min... 2 mins... silence!! My friend commented "he just might do it, go see".. i ran out to the door to see him standing near the wall holding my chappals n began laughing on seeing me...  As i made a grab for him in a playful manner, he just up and threw them, and one fell over the wall to a sunshade of sorts below...

I walked back into the house saying "he threw my chappal over" and the next min, he was crying his eyes out... took a while, but he clmed down and slept ! and Today morning he dint mention or speak about it at all. After he left for school, using a mop, i managed to retrieve my poor chappal from the abandoned place!!

Phew.. who would think tiny tots had such a temper.....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 21 - Friends

 A person we know for 2days - a friend?
A person we've known for over 1 week- a friend?
A person we've known for over 1 month - a friend?
A person we've known for over few months- a friend?
A person we've known for nearly a year- a friend?
A person we've known for over 1 year- a friend?
A person who's in our age group- a friend?
A person we've connected with instantly-a friend
A person who's with you through thick and thin- a friend
A person with whom you've developed a bond- a friend
A person who you know will be there to help you no matter what- a friend
A person who's 100s of kilometers away,and yet close to your heart- a friend
A person you might not have spoken to for months and yet you catch up right where you left off - a friend
A person with whom you can be yourself- a friend.....................

A big Hi Hello to all my friends, and just wanted to say, Thank you for not just passing through my life, but being  part of it!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 20 - Soaps and Life

There was once a time when i used to enjoy watching TV and the various Sitcoms - esp on Star World- Everybody Loves Raymond
Whose line is it anyway
Will & Grace
Different Strokes
Three's Company
and ofcourse my all time favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

And now it has come to a point, where i barely watch any TV, but am hooked on watching the shows from my Hard drive....
Two and a Half Men
How i Met your Mother
House MD
and ofcourse my all time favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

A phenomenon i see happening around me is during conversations we have started relating to certain instances with an episode or a character from one of these shows...!! And for people in the gang who have not seen any, am sure it is frustrating and they want to rip us all apart... But then, being the sweet souls that we are, w proceed to explain the show, and give reference to the instance we are talking about as well .. Not just me, but i see quite a few around me do the same... Its fun, but at times makes me/us wonder "Are we watching too much of these shows or becoming like them?"... and then we shrug it off, laugh and move on untill it pops up again.... 

The same i see with those who watch Tamil soaps too... From mom to aunts to friend's parents, whenever they are together you can be sure they will talk about a person at a function/home/place and connect them with a character from a show...!! 

Amazing how the idiot box seems to have taken over our minds to a point where we dont think beyond what we see on it...Scary!!

Btw, You should watch all the shows i've mentioned... they are absolutely amazing!! ;-)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 19 - Read your Mind

Completing each other sentences is one thing, but to say the exact same thing running in one's mind is Wow! Over the years, i've noticed/come across people with whom i can have a chat where we complete each others sentences... we know whats going to come up!! But been noticing how the person i am talking to SAYS the exact same thing that i was going to say the next second...

And no, i am not talking about inane trivial matters... i am talking about things that are new/serious/important/rare.... 

The other day was at my friend A's house for dinner...A finished eating and got up from the table, her hubby V and i continued to finish our meal while chatting about work and random things. I was just going to ask him about a common client when he beat me to it and asked the exact same question!! :-) 

I know its not that uncommon, or nothing surprising, but i just began wondering [yes, we need to keep our minds working right, so think and break it every now and then we do]... 

Do we have this phenomenon only with people we are close to? or are we shooting in the dark and it is sheer coincidence?

Does it spook you when someone broaches a topic, or talks about something that was running in your head??? i am surprised every single time it happens and never expect it... 

Have you had such experiences? Do share!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 18 - Sojourn

Well, as i wrote the 16th post, i thought to myself - How am i going to manage the next few days? I am going to be travelling... What do i do!! But the urge, the drive to keep up with the NaBloPoMo had me penning down few extra posts that will pop up daily... :-)

Its 16th june, and have just about done packing my bags, have about an hour to the train!!! on 18th June, as you are reading this post, am going to be in a town that brings back too many memories, a city i've been planning on visiting, but not been able to, till now!! :) Madurai!!

A place where i started school - TVS School, maybe it all started here, i've always been to school which was walking distance from home and less than 5mins away. Distinctly remember that I used to love the burnt glass of milk they gave us everyday.... Also remember there were 4 Aarti's in my class.. :D

A place where i made my 1st few friends - Sweety, Jyoti, Vinod are some of the kids who were in neighboring houses. We used to spend a lot of time together!!

A place where my 1st stories were cooked up - used to tell all who came home that mom makes yummy fish poruchakuzhambu[ a kind of a sambar] and we are pure veg, and mom made no such thing. The family who lived in the ground floor used to buy,cook fish everyday, and so i guess watching them made me create this story.. Even now, i get teased by family and alike on this... :)

And now, as i visit this town again... i wonder what new sights await me..what changes welcome me!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 17 - Life

Whenever someone asks me -  "How is it that you are so chilled out all the time?"... This picture is what comes to my mind.. 

Found it on the net randomly one day and since then its been with me!! Its not that i dont get hassled or worked up,but most of the time i try not to let things affect me too much!! 

I believe in Living for myself
Doing things that bring me joy
Going after my passion
Loyal to my friends 
Taking things at my own pace
Living each day as if it were a gift!!! :-)
Have a Beautiful day ahead !!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 16- Celebration

Its amazing... mind boggling actually!!  The day i decided to join Prats, Monika and Neha on this NaBloPoMo adventure, i wondered  "will i be able to do it, and will i have enough ideas/thoughts to write a post a day?" But today, am half way there [ so are the others.. yayy] and not a day has been dry/void of ideas.... 

Today is a day of Celebration.. Its Granpa's 80th B'day!!  No party, no real celebration, but just the fact that he is hale and hearty, and in decent health is a reason for us all to smile !! 

Ironic that my 16th post is on June 16th....granpa's Bday!! :)

 [granpa on left]

Grandparents have gone for a wedding, and am home alone, it just so happened that uncle called to speak/wish granpa... Following the call, i sat reminiscing of the years gone by... it was like only few days ago we had celebrated his 70th Bday at the Sringeri temple here in chennai.... and now 10yrs have passed by ... 

    *  Thatha is a true blue Gemini - yes, can get scary at times...

    * He wakes up bright and early in the morning and wishes the whole world would rise when he does[ has learnt that nothing he does will wake us up and so lets us sleep these days..]

    * Simple and believes people should also live a simple life...

    * Will not throw anything away.. even if we trash old diaries, dress etc, he will bring em back and hide them away in the closet space [meant to be used for extra bedding and stuff]

    * His life has been "leather, leather and more leather"... Grew up soaked in the industry that now he gives advice and consultations to those who ask for his help....

    * Dotes on us all to bits.. even though my sis and cousin bro are 20, he still treats them like babies....

    * Gramma is his world.. he will move heaven and earth to fulfill her wishes [he does crib at times,but he will get it done... :)]

    * Lost his older brother, a sister and youngest bro- all of which shattered his world....

Happy Birthday Thatha!!   Here's to another zillion years.... Love n hugsss!!

Day 15 - Unwrap

Decided to have some fun and what better than with words!! So, here goes, lets see who gets em right!! and no, google wont help ya...[i thought of these all on my OWN :-D]

I am Flat,
No, i am not your tummy

I am lean
No, i am not the meat you are gonna cook for dinner

I am fast
No, i am not the horse you watch race by

I am fun
No, i am not a remote controlled toy or your PS2/3

I am useful,
No, i am not some lame washing machine or the TV remote!!

I am aggressive
No, i am not the dog that guards your house

I am an addiction [for some]
No, i am not white coloured powder.... 

I am big
No, i am not your ego

I am pushy
No, i am not your boss 

I am all charged up
No, i am not your camera 

Any guesses????? 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 14- Gift of words

Few years ago, when i was in Pondy for a weekend, i was at my friend V's house .. On her table i saw this calendar sitting pretty- white shaded with blue, birds and flowers on the corner; but more than the pattern the words caught my eye... Simple yet profound... 

In a few minutes, we headed out on her bike and after a few hours, landed at one of the Auroville stores... I bought some items, and was outside on the phone... She walked out in a while and in her own sweet way, smiled and handed me a parcel...And there it was- the Calendar i had been leafing through....:-)

A quote a day... by the Mother... These words inspire, keep us smiling and give us hope!! there have been days when these words have stumped me...

A beautiful thoughtful gift from a friend i cherish!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 13 - Circle of life

One of those days when the TV was free... As i surfed through the channels, i stopped at Discovery as the sight of Grizzly bears caught my eye!! 

There were bears of all sizes standing around a small waterfall,and i knew what they were waiting for.. Salmon... It was time for Salmon Spawning and i could see hundreds of fish jump about the water, probably trying to judge the position of the bears so they could make a dash, swimming upstream, fighting the current...  The bears had their jaws open, not wanting to miss the salmon that jumped past them. This was the bears' only chance to stuff themselves before winter set in.. Some grizzlies had their cubs with them, so extra mouths to feed. 

Some salmon flew past the bears, some brushing against the fur, and some managed to swerve, alas, there were a few that dint make it.. they were caught and became Lunch for these hungry beasts. As it is, the salmon were swimming upstream to the riverbed where they had been born to lay eggs and end their life..  Of the zillion eggs they lay, some might not make it for there were these birds[forgot the name] that lived on the salmon eggs...  Watching the salmon wiggle, giving up on life and float away in the river, some becoming a meal for the bears and birds around, i felt sad...

Such a sad reality of life for these creatures - they knew their life was over, and yet dint give in to fatigue of battling the current and the bears, just so their next generation would have a chance in making it in the world..

As i watched the show, i was reminded of the Banana tree, it too like these Salmon gives up its life once a baby is born... Amazing, ain't it? One life has to end for another to begin....
Beautiful and sad!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 12 - Long time...

Does it happen only to me or others i wonder!!! I hear my name called out at random places, only to find the person to be my ex-colleague, school/college mate or family member... And there are times when i cant remember their name at all, am a complete blank,no matter how hard i scratch my head, nothing comes out of it.. And it is always the Other person who squeals out my name...

Here are some instances when such surprise/accidental/coincidental meetings have happened...

1. Railway Station
No, i have not met familiar faces in Chennai station, but in other towns.. Once, i am waiting for the Shatabdi express in Blore, randomly taking pictures of the station and buildings around when i hear my name and turn looking on either side for the soul that yelped... I found a short girl and she was all smiles' Hi, Aarti, wow, fancy meeting you here after all these years..How are you"... My brain goes into freeze mode,and my face is giving this "Gosh, am so excited to see you" look and starts off a conversation..I kinda sorta think J is her name,but not too sure, so once on the train, i meekly pass my phone to her seat[ hers was right behind mine, how about that!!] and ask her to enter her FULL NAME with her number and promise to stay in touch!! Bah... i was right... :D.. not seen/heard/touched base from/with her since then..

2.Cinema hall/Theater
Its almost like people are waiting for me to exit the theater to scream out my name and come give me a big hug... Not once, or twice, but like a zillion times this has happened to me... and everytime it is someone different - College mates who i dint want to meet even in my nightmares, ex-colleagues who suddenly turn all sweet till i discover they have  favor to ask or friends i've not been in touch ages.. I never see them, its again they who come running/waving towards me....!! 

a) We are in Flower drum, the entire family, waiting for a table on what looks like the BUSIEST day ever,and suddenly a voice pops out of nowhere "Aarti ma'am,how are you? you took my interview and gave me some tips on how to fare better, remember?................ 
 "Umm, errr, actually, not really,but how are you doing now?" is about all i can mutter... Mom, aunt and cousins are giving me the look"Oooh, your popular, but can you just work your magic and get us an effing table already!! " and gramma sitting on a chair a little distance away has the look that says "who is that guy and why is he talking to you?"... lol... 

b) We are in Pondicherry, had gone for a wedding and i stayed back so i can show grandparents around.. we are just about to head to a cafe near the ashram.. get out of the car and take one step into the restaurant and a big "hello" i hear. I was busy guiding gramma up the steps and failed to notice the guard beaming at me. "How are you doing ma'am, nice to see you!"..."you dont remember me? i used to be in the 6th floor, and you would sign the register before walking into the office", he rattles.. a

And then continues to have a conversation with gramma about how i worked crazy hours [ 10am to anywhere upto2am] and even during weekends/holidays/festivals i was there... Gramma in turn uses the opportunity to crib about how tough life was for me and how tiring it was and how glad she is i quit!!  Left me wondering" maybe i should get a conduct certificate from that guy"

I had gone hostel hunting for my cousin who was moving to Chennai for higher studies. And in one dump[yes,i call it so cos it resembled Jail cells and was dingy], as we are walking towards the available room, a girl comes out rushing "Hi Aarti, how are you? remember me.. i am joining XYZ co.tomorrow"... 'Cool, congrats and good luck" i mutter before walking away!! 

5.Shopping arcade
Done with shopping,,we walk out towards the car when am stopped in my tracks by an ex-colleague. "hey Aarti, wow, lovely seeing you here, how are you"... "you know our head of Corp HR keeps asking about you and mentions you everytime there is a HR Staffing meeting, you have set high standards for others to follow"... Luckily, this one time i remembered her name, had a sensible conversation and parted with a smile  lighting my face!! :D

Am sure there is more to come... every incident leaves me wondering whass wrong with me or was i that loud/notorious/fun/unique that people remember me!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 11 - Only for today

Came across this interesting post on fellow blogger Bohemian Rhapsody's page!! Decided to take the post and tweak it a bit... [It is Via The Happiness Project]

Here is my take on the same....

1. Only for today, I will Not say a single word against anyone [unless am provoked].

2. Only for today, I will smile and go about the day as if it is the HAPPIEST and content with what i have been given!

3. Only for today, I will not criticize anyone on anything- be it what they say or habits and so on...and i shall only work on making myself better.

4. Only for today, I will adapt to situation around me and not expect everything to go as per my whims and fancies

5. Only for today, I will take out as much time required by my sister to help her move ahead in life...

6. Only for today, I will do one good act and not tell anyone about it.

7. Only for today, I will do something i wouldn't normally do and do it well with a smile.

8. Only for today, I will  take extra care on my appearance and put on something I'm not too fond of but looks pretty!! :D

9. Only for today, I will spend less time on the computer and more with family/people around..

10. Only for today, I will have no fears and free fall into whatever adventure comes my way! 

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 10 - Behave

The other day when i was in Landmark,browsing.. yes, i browse, and i fight hard to not buy any books.. No space at home... No room to make space either!! 

Anyways, am digressing.. i was reading through some books when i heard a mom call out to her girls.. "OK, you girls have fun, mommy is going" she said and began making a move towards the next aisle....She would have just turned, and a girl of about 4-5yrs trotted fast, followed another adorable little thing of 2-2.5yrs and clung to her mom's legs.

The mom looked at the older one and said "Is this how you behave with mommy?" and then looked sternly and continued -"Say- I love you mommy and i will listen to you" ..

The kid promptly repeated it verbatim.... and then the trio went their way!! 

She gave me a glance, saw me staring at em.. gave me a smile and walked away!! 

Was amazed at what i saw and was wondering if there were really such parents around!!  Is that the mom's way of teaching her kid to behave or make them love her??? i dont get it.... 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 9 - Together

It has been a long day, so for a change am gonna do no talking and let the picture do all the talking!! :) participating in my 1st Wordless Wednesday...

2 wooden dolls that adorn the walls of my uncle's living room that caught my eye!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 8- Keys

"Dont let others tell you what to do or how to live your life.... " is a statement i hear and utter quite often..

"Walk in my shoes and only then will you know" is what comes to my mind right after i hear the 1st sentence.. 
But then there is this little voice in my head that says, no the 1st statement is right and you should stick to it, mainly because i believe in it! 

The keys to your happiness lies not with others, but with yourself. Exactly like the door, where unless you give the key or leave it hanging in the keyhole, the person cant enter the room, in life too, we hold the key and should guard it close to our heart!! Happiness is also an Attitude that you need to wear!!

Yes, circumstances and people do influence our lives, but at the end of it all, its OUR choice.. Things might go total opposite direction, we might get beaten down everythime we try something but that doesnt mean we stop living and go about moping and being miserable!! 

We can blame it on things, people, work,life, etc etc, but we know deep down we are the ones responsible for how we feel... 

Am not saying everyone SHOULD be smiling and HAPPY all the time, but heck, give lifea chance and see how it treats you!!
Think about it....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 7 - B for...

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". Mohammed Ali
Few years ago, one day, as i was walking on the road, i watched a butterfly fly from one flower to the other, free spirited and without a care in the world.. i followed it about 10mins, till i lost track of where it flew. From there on, began my Love for this beautiful creature.Don't know if it was coincidence, or a sign, but i started receiving gifts or noticing things with a Butterfly on them...

I knew then that i had to spread my wings further and fly , keep flying...... 

1. Received an email forward from a friend with this as the closing picture....


2. Yep, it is what you think it is... i got myself Inked for my Bday...  :-) was Fun and something i was excited about!! 

3. The Yummilicious bday cake from my dear friend A... :))  sweetheart that she is, sent me aButterfly cake... 


                                                    4. Isnt it adorable? this too was from A.... :) 

5. Out of the blue one day i found this pretty butterfly chime, one that granpa had got when i was a baby... Now it proudly hangs on the cupboard in my room.. :) 

6. The tag from baby cousin's outfit during their visit to Chennai in '09... we had all gone out to dinner, i come back home, and get ready for bed when i see this tag sticking out from under the computer table!! :)) 

7.During my recent visit to Bangalore, a friend brought to life one of my dreams- visit the Bannergatta Butterfly park...

Apart from these, i have a butterfly magnet, couple of earrings and even a bag filled with the beauties... :)

And finally, my Laptop wallpaper!!!

Psst.. I take credit for all pics... [the 5th n 6th were clicked on Blackberry and last one ofcourse is off the net] :-)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 6 - If i were...................

Am really beginning to enjoy NaBloPoMo's blog daily concept!! And so far, i've managed to find things i want to write about.. lets see how the rest of the day float along!!!

Today, i decided to take up this tag done by a dear Blogger friend G3.. Quite interesting and new kinda tag.. So here goes-

If I were a month... I'd stick to September [not only was i born in Sep, but as G3 said -- September maadham september maadham vaazhvin thunbathai tholaithu vittom...]

If I were a day of the week.. I would love to be Sundays.. When everyone around me is free[well, atleast most of them are] and i get to meet/spend time with the ones who slog it out through the week...Plus, i was born on Sunday... ;)

If I were a time of day... I would be the hour following Midnight... being a night owl, that is when am at my peak...

If I were a season... I would be WINTER.. Cold, chill, snow.. sheer bliss!!

If I were a planet.. I would be EARTH.. my HOME!!

If I were a sea animal.. I want to be a Starfish... So pretty and dainty, they fascinate me...

If I were a direction... I would be all over... I know am being greedy, but its my Tag.. Bah! ;)

If I were a piece of furniture.. I would be the swing.. relax, listen to music, read a book, lounge- perfect..

If I were a liquid.. I would be the ocean.. endless and soothing...

If I were a tree.. I would be Eucalyptus or oak.. Soaring to the skies and reaching above all..

If I were a tool.. I would be the Screwdriver.. pull things apart, and put them back together.. :D

If I were an element.. I would be Mercury.. love the way it flows..

If I were a gemstone.. I would be Aquamarine or Sapphire -- Shades of my favorite color- Blue

If I were a musical instrument... I would be the Saxaphone [ takes my breath away everytime i listen to Kadri gopalnath or Kenny G or Jazz songs..]

If I were a colour... I would be BLUE[ no other colour for me, thank you!!]

If I were a emotion.. I would be the Biggest Smile :-)

If I were a fruit.. I would be the Litchi [yummm]

If I were a sound.. I would be the sound of Silence [nothing more beautiful]...

If I were a car.. I would be the good old Ambassador... [damn, too many to choose from] :)

If I were a food.. I would be Button Mushrooms or Momos ;o)
If I were a taste.. I would be what Divine tastes like...

If I were a scent.. I would be the smell of wet earth... just before Rain

If I were a pair of shoes.. I would be Graffiti/bright coloured Converse ... lol

If I were a bird.. I would be the elegant, graceful, beautiful Peacock..

If you like this tag.. go ahead, do it!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 5 - Do you mind?

Today, i was at the Ilayaraja's Nothing But Wind concert with some friends and mom.. There were these 2guiys sitting in the seats right behind us who dint SHUT up for a second... They went on and on about everything that the Emcee said - one of whom was Bosky, the guy with a crazy sense of Humour! And for every statement made by anyone on stage, these two knuckleheads had something to contribute..  I wouldnt have minded the occasional remark, but to keep at it, and in a voice that was not so sweet or silent or subtle was too much to take! The occasional moments of silence should be mentioned, not because it was peaceful, but cos they filled it with the annoying rustle of plastic bags to pull out a banner they had brought!!!

Ater about 20mins of the show commencing, i couldnt take it anymore, I could not hear the music one bit... .. I was done turning and giving them glares, repeated head turns, and sighs... Infact the people sitting around us, on our row, above and below were all pissed off - how do i know, cos they kept turning back, staring at these 2guys and passing comments between each other... 
[image courtesy,]

I turned around in my seat, looked at the guy right behind me and said - "Do you mind we are are here to listen to the concert - happening on the stage".. He snorted, glared at me, his buddy turned away pretending to not hear us!! Bah!! I showed em dint i... They did not go all quiet, did continue to pass comments, but it were subtle and quieter than earlier... When the show was over, they were gone before one could say " Ta da"...

All i want is for People to respect others' rights and consider their feelings, and sentiments before creating a ruckus... this holds true not just for tonight, but for movies, other shows, plays, concerts, and meetings!! Be a little more sensitive to those around... :-)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 4 - Time to fly

In another 8days, a little birdie will fly off the nest and learn to fly on its own... Am talking about my Sister, who's off to join her 1st job in a different city... The day she got the job, we were all elated, but in a few minutes a lull set in at home!!

Questions of why couldn't the company have an office in chennai; Does she have to take it up: Cant she just wait it out for another offer from this city and some more!!!

The only thing me, my bro and my sis said was- Are you crazy to pass up this offer? it is a great company, and starting off here is like a launch into space, one that most people would kill for!! :-)

As the days are nearing, i see worry written all over mom/gramma/granpa's faces... Can she manage? How will she wake up at 7am? Will she be able to wash her clothes? Who will take care of her?...

Each one giving her tips and advice, and she getting edgy with every passing day.. Am not saying she cant manage, but my sister is not spoilt, but pampered.. She has people caring for her, sometimes going overboard!! She is way younger than me, and kinda the kid of the family.... which is probably where the worry stems from, what the heck... let her give this chance a try, only then will she know what she is capable of and family will also gain confidence that the birdie can take care of itself...

I guess everyone needs to learn to be independent and become responsible at some point of their life! And this is her time... She knows we all will move heaven and earth for her, but she needs to fly, and stay in the sky, continue to flap her wings, building confidence and strength to reach great heights!!

Am sure she will manage... she is a SURVIVOR!!! :-))

Good luck sweety!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 3 - Free

“Freedom is not something that anybody can be given; Freedom is something that people take and people are as free as they want to be.”
What comes to my mind when i see "Freedom".... here is what,-

Freedom- George Michael

Free Willy- the amazing movie about the Killer Whale and the kid

Free your mind- En Vogue

 But the one that represents FREEDOM is this .... Vande Mataram...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 2 - The girl

A poem i wrote 5 yrs ago still remains in my head... The words so vivid and clear, so i decided to pick my own poem as MY current favorite poem!!! :)

Plastic and paper strewn all over
as if toys in a playground
Trying to find my way
around the pit of goodies,
This is the place i am
Oh so familiar with,
My private playground
as i love to call it.

Wish i had a home with comfort
family i lost and here i am,
My little feet
taking me as far as it can.
Looking and searching
all day along,
Bag i need to fill to the brim,
need to earn my daily living.

Filth or grime,i no longer despise
Stench, no longer revolts me
Trash, i have learnt- is part of my life
Begging and Scrounging is my job
Nine to five are not my only working hours
Always awake,always on the move
Gotta keep on going,searching.... for more loot.

Aarti @ 22/4/05

Wrote this poem when someone around me was talking about Adopting a baby and bringing home an angel!! Adoption is something i've always felt strongly about and in our country where Girls are shunned[atleast they were and still are in certain parts], wanting to adopt a baby girl won a 100 golden stars from me!! :)