A poem i wrote 5 yrs ago still remains in my head… The words so vivid and clear, so i decided to pick my own poem as MY current favorite poem!!! 🙂

Plastic and paper strewn all over
as if toys in a playground
Trying to find my way
around the pit of goodies,
This is the place i am
Oh so familiar with,
My private playground
as i love to call it.

Wish i had a home with comfort
family i lost and here i am,
My little feet
taking me as far as it can.
Looking and searching
all day along,
Bag i need to fill to the brim,
need to earn my daily living.

Filth or grime,i no longer despise
Stench, no longer revolts me
Trash, i have learnt- is part of my life
Begging and Scrounging is my job
Nine to five are not my only working hours
Always awake,always on the move
Gotta keep on going,searching…. for more loot.

Aarti @ 22/4/05

Wrote this poem when someone around me was talking about Adopting a baby and bringing home an angel!! Adoption is something i’ve always felt strongly about and in our country where Girls are shunned[atleast they were and still are in certain parts], wanting to adopt a baby girl won a 100 golden stars from me!! 🙂