[Thursday Challenge] Wired

Saw this concept Thursday Challenges last week on Uma‘s blog, but since i was travelling did not have time to put up a post.. Today, thought why not, lets participate
Theme for today is: “TECHNOLOGY” (Machines, Gears, Engines, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Wires, Toy Robots,…)
Then: A camera from yesteryear, stored carefully at home!!! The ultimate! Dying to fix it and use .. 
Now: .. The iPod Touch i use to listen to music

Birds of a feather….

During my recent trip to Hampi and Anegundi, i spotted quite a few birds.. Now i know i dont have the camera to take good pictures of these feathered friends of mine, but i did manage to get some shots…. hazy but what the heck!! 😀 
Hampi is filled with water bodies, thick forests and mountains, which are perfect for birds to hide out in… We dint even have to go looking for them, the birds were there all around us.. Some looked like they were basking in the sun, while others were grazing in the paddy fields, and waiting for the odd fish to wash up in the currents in  the raging Tunga badra river…. 
 2 pied kingfishers on the wall
 1 more we saw near the water…[photoshoped by friend]
A cormoran sun bathing…
Weaver bird nests and a bird hovering about..
A shrike in the bush…
Another shrike on bush nearby, managed to get a better shot..
Another bird we spotted is a personal favorite…. and this time, we saw not one, but 7 of them that both Laakshmi and i were were wondering “whats happening”… 😀 
We also managed to cross the river [in a coracle/parisal/round shaped boat] to explore Anegundi, a village known to be older than Hampi  and believed to be the mythical Kishkinda [monkey kingdom of Ramayana].. This i know cos Lakshmi was talking about it as we rode along…. 
bee eaters on a wire…How many do you spot??

The yellow smiley

Mom: how do you get that yellow colour smiley face?
I: Cos i put a “:” and then a ” )”
Mom: i did the same thing, but dint get the yellow smile face….
I: hmmm …

Few days later, mom comes over to my desk and says
Mom: was chatting with your uncle today, and during the chat he too put a yellow smiley face.
I: Hmmm.. ya, we all use it
Mom: I still dont know how to put it
I: Ma, told you how to do it..
Mom: No, i dont get it.. next time you show me how you do it.. want to learn

I: ok..
I was done with work, and then showed her the laptop and told her “Go, and try your smiley now” ………

Mom: [patiently logged into her facebook… opened chat, found my sis online  and starts her experiment]
V said i have to put a : and then a – and then the )……
I: Ma, put a colon and then the bracket
Mom: ok.. i did, now what? see it is still 🙂 and not a yellow smiley
I: Clicked enter to show her the yellow smiley
Mom: what did you do? you did something i know!! show show….
I: : ) followed by Enter
Mom: Ahh, okay…
Then y did V say i need to put : – ).??
I: yes, ma, that is also another way of putting the same smiley
Mom: Nice
Sometimes you people put : and D.. what is that? do you type the D?
I: Yep… 😀 See??
Mom: nice….!! See, you are all smart.. you know all this
[goes on to check her fb and then logs out…]
I: Nothing like that. just look around, experiment and you too will learn….

Phew!! 😉
wonder when she will ask about the wink faces and hearts we put on chat windows…. lolz!!

No Onions, No Garlic… Thank you!!

What was/is the fuss all about? I kept wondering! Everytime there was/is a menu being planned or when someone mentions eating out or taking away, there was/is a hoo haaa at home!! Instantly there were/are 2 hands that go up saying “nothing for us thank you” and it was much later that i figured out the reason behind this reaction… My grandparents dont eat Onions or garlic… I dint understand why !! 
Since i lived most part of my life in different cities, away from maternal grandparents it dint make too much of a difference to me on their taste preferences…  only since 2000, when i’ve started living with them, did it nag me wee bit… I have no issues cooking here, and i do so quite often.. and 99.99% of the time it is without Onions and garlic, infact it makes no difference to me, cos its almost like i cook on auto pilot… 
Onions and garlic stay away from my mind and ergo, the kitchen as well..I have had friends gape when i mention this… I am surprised at their reaction…  
“OMG, you cook without Onions and garlic……………. how?” 
I chuckle and tell them “yep, and food tastes just as good, if not better”….
They walk away shaking their head in disbelief… 😀
We go out to eat, make sure there are some dishes ordered without Onions and garlic, we do take away, same deal…. when we go out for weddings etc, me and mom/uncle are always on lookout for such dishes so grandparents can eat something!! 
The nag in my mind was only because i hadn’t found a satisfactory answer to “Why they dont eat Onion or garlic”………. I have NO issues with following this rule, just want to know WHY!! 🙂
Response 1 when i was about 10– Gramma says its because after a certain point in life, one needs to stop eating them….
I dont buy it…
Response 2 when i was 12– Gramma says its cos they grow underground 
ya right…i dont buy it….
Response 3 when i was 20 – Gramma says its cos they grow underground and are forbidden … cos it was followed by her parents and in laws
Dang… i still dont buy it… 
I start reading, digging on the net and in books around to try and find a solution that i know they know but arent telling…. .
Voila… found it… Check out this website… Why no onions and garlic? 
Onions and garlic are known to be aphrodesiacs and so avoided by many, especially those who wish to move on to the next phase of life, become more religious, closer to God… and so on!! 
Garlic is good for our blood… why then would it be avoided? Am baffled… anyone got any other answers to this, pls do share……
Some more interesting reading on No onion and no garlic

Ode to Friends…

I know a lot of people
Some i’ve met multiple times
Some i’ve never seen and yet we are close
but it is those select few
who i call FRIENDS…
They are there for me
near and far
Day in and day out
we laugh
we cry
we scream
we chide
we reprimand
we travel
we share it all ……
Saw this video today on Facebook that reminded me of how valuable and beautiful FRIENDSHIP is…. Just wanted to share it here!!
Thank you to all my FRIENDS…. I sure have been lucky in finding you !!! Hugsss!!

A dream comes true!

Visions of towering temples
Beautiful carvings on the rocks
Rows of pillars
Gushing waters
Fascinating Sloth bears
were images that flashed through my mind when i thought of Hampi.. A destination i had been wanting to visit for almost a year now!! Kept wondering if it will ever happen and when……. Had infact made a pact with my friend A that we will visit Hampi together..
The chariot in Vittala Temple
Out of the blue, the call from Lakshmi was all it took to regain my faith in “dreams coming true”… She called to ask if i wanted to come along to Hampi with her to try out the new Jungle Lodges property Sloth Bear Resort and explore the place. I dint need more than a minute to make up my mind and excitement rushed through me….  
 The swing hanging from the tree high above and a doll on it.. at Mango tree, Hampi
I decided to visit the place, explore as much as possible in the 2days we were there and then go back for more.. [Detailed post and pictures once i reach Chennai]