Its time for some celebrations once again.. Today is Lord Krishna’s Birthday– we call it Krishna Jayanthi/Gokulashtami, while some others Janmashtami..  Lord Sri Krishna was born on the ‘Rohini‘ nakshatram (star) on Ashtami day.  
The entire house takes on a festive look and feel…People are either busy making something, or out shopping for fruits or cleaning up the house!
1st on agenda is making some of the sweets and savories that Krishna’s supposed to love–
Vella Cheedai
Uppu Cheedai   
Then comes the bowls filled with fruits
Nagappazham [Jambool]

But the best of it all are the tiny feet we draw from the entrance to the puja room, and to every room in the house. I am the designated person who creates these at home… 
Rice flour mixed with water and a small piece of cloth is all that is used to make the little feet…
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The other offerings are ofcourse,
A bowl of butter
A small dollop of Dried ginger mixed with jaggery
Small cup of Aval with sugar soaked in milk

Around 6pm, we do a small puja and then  dig into the bakshanams [sweets& savories]… It is said that Lord Krishna was born at Midnight, and so gramma says we need to leave the Puja room open and some of the eats made intact so he can come enjoy them!! 

A few days ahead of the day, you will find Krishna idols all over the city,  looking so beautiful and colorful…. 

We dont buy an idol, but do puja for the Krishna’s at home… All pictures shared above are from our Pooja room and the last one hangs beautifully on a wall as you enter home!!