Mom: how do you get that yellow colour smiley face?
I: Cos i put a “:” and then a ” )”
Mom: i did the same thing, but dint get the yellow smile face….
I: hmmm …

Few days later, mom comes over to my desk and says
Mom: was chatting with your uncle today, and during the chat he too put a yellow smiley face.
I: Hmmm.. ya, we all use it
Mom: I still dont know how to put it
I: Ma, told you how to do it..
Mom: No, i dont get it.. next time you show me how you do it.. want to learn

I: ok..
I was done with work, and then showed her the laptop and told her “Go, and try your smiley now” ………

Mom: [patiently logged into her facebook… opened chat, found my sis online  and starts her experiment]
V said i have to put a : and then a – and then the )……
I: Ma, put a colon and then the bracket
Mom: ok.. i did, now what? see it is still 🙂 and not a yellow smiley
I: Clicked enter to show her the yellow smiley
Mom: what did you do? you did something i know!! show show….
I: : ) followed by Enter
Mom: Ahh, okay…
Then y did V say i need to put : – ).??
I: yes, ma, that is also another way of putting the same smiley
Mom: Nice
Sometimes you people put : and D.. what is that? do you type the D?
I: Yep… 😀 See??
Mom: nice….!! See, you are all smart.. you know all this
[goes on to check her fb and then logs out…]
I: Nothing like that. just look around, experiment and you too will learn….

Phew!! 😉
wonder when she will ask about the wink faces and hearts we put on chat windows…. lolz!!