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LAST DATE – October 31st, 2010
Here is my entry………….
It was Oct 2005, i still remember the day vividly.. I had been at this fancy corporate for little over 3 months, and had just about settled in. I was taking care of Middle and Senior level recruitments [on my own] and had been managing quite well. I sat in the 6th floor where all the Vice Presidents of various departments had their cabin. Our cubicles in the center and their cabins all around, like as if they were guards watching over us. 
Anyways, without getting carried away… It was a Saturday, and our Corporate HR head was in town for some Senior level interviews.  I had come in early, set everything up, made sure the candidates shortlisted for the final round remembered their schedule. It was 12.45pm and i was getting ready for my Spanish class. A candidate had just finished his interview and was walking out, when i decided to hop into the Boss’s room to remind him of my heading out for a bit for the class and the afternoon line up.
This is what happened next…. 
Me: Sir, may  i come in?
Him: Yes, please come in and take a seat, will be with you in a minute[ he was on the phone]
Me: I stood anyways, waiting for him to turn
2secs later
Him: So, tell me why you want to move to Chennai and take on this position? From your resume i can see you have quite an extensive experience, and you have been in Hyderabad all your life.
Me: [Gaping and lost wondering what to say.. but understood that Boss had assumed i was the next candidate, coincidentally was a woman ;)]
Sir, i am looking for something new and challenging. yes, i have spent all my life in Hyderabad, but am ready to move to Chennai if the opportunity presents itself.
Him: The position Will require you to work during night since it is a US based process. Can you manage that?
Me: [cheeky me] Yes, Sir! In my present job i come in during the day, but work for atleast half a night… 
Him: [Swivelved in his chair and had the most stumped look on his face]
Me:[ was suddenly damn nervous and wee bit scared of what he was going to say]
Him: You know something, Aarti..[slowly a smile crept up his face] I was going to offer you the position. You sounded quite convincing back there… 
Me: err, umm. Thank you Sir… :)[gave the biggest sheepest smile i could remember]
Him: So, did you come to see me for something? Are there any candidates waiting or shall we break for lunch? 🙂
Me: Came to tell you that we can break for lunch and that i was going to go attend my Spanish class and return. Everything is taken care of, and the candidates will be guided by Sruti from the other HR team.
Him: Alright then, go on… get out of here!! 
This incident i shall remember always… He was also the one who was most reluctant when i said i was quitting.. Tried hard to get me to take a 3mth break and return!!

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