There was a time when i wondered “What will i do now that i have quit my crazy job.. Especially since we dint have fixed work timings, and i worked round the clock, through the year, no holidays, no festivals, no weekends.” .. And now, over 3years has gone by and i cant recall a day when i was jobless, sitting idle and not doing anything.. Phew!! Such a blessing …. 
These days, time flies by and before i know it, the clock strikes 12 and this princess is still working or planning for the next day.. I am a freelance writer, part of a content outfit and so we are either working on a current project, making pitches or looking for new venues to dive into. In all this, i sometimes have no energy to write a blog post, or read a book.. And so, last month i made up my mind to do as much as possible in a day!!
Couple of months ago, i took on the NaBloPoMo challenge, and managed to churn out a post a day on this blog, but when i tried continuing the same onto my Travel blog,i dint succeed beyond 2weeks, plus travel plans also prevented me from writing daily.  Where am i going with all this? Wait up….
Few days ago, a friend , Sudhamshu put up a tweet about how he was looking forward to NaNoWriMo, which piqued my curiosity and i started questioning him about it.  Discovered, its a concept whereby you write a few words daily, or whatever works for you but the ULTIMATE goal is to have completed 50,000 words on 30th Nov.. Sounds quite daunting, but i have decided to give it a shot, especially since writing Fiction doesnt come easy to me. Let me see how far i manage!!
Wish me luck.. may the “fun fantasy fairy” be with me 🙂