Project 365 Day 56 Glow

It was my last day in Hampi,  was siitting in Mango Tree, the cafe watching the River Tunga flow as the sun big adieu. Within a few minutes, we were engulfed in darkness with nothing but the glow to keep us company. Was truly a wonderful moment, simply soaking in the nature, and unwinding, letting the mind play back the wonderful memories gathered during the brief stay in Hampi.… 

I knew i will be back!! I hope to visit… soon 

Project 365 Day 54 High

A row of Pillars in Pondicherry guarding the Gandhi Statue shot as the sun was going down into the ocean….

Tall and confident, these pillars remind me of me- when i am sure of myself, when i know what i am doing, i stand tall, and straight..!!

C for Click

I can so relate to this toon. I too like Pig love photography, and enjoy capturing moments, sights and things that catch my eye and that which i find interesting. It could be a tree, or the sun setting, or maybe a bird on the wire, sometimes its as mundane as a pencil on the table or Floppy lounging in our living room. There are also times when i love taking shots of my Origami pieces, friend’s kids, other performances and of course during my travels.. 

As for the learning, i am still learning, i spend hours reading up on instructions online, talking to friends about the various features, aspects in a camera
Like many others, i’ve been dreaming of holding my very own DSLR and taking better shots; but i do know i need to learn a lot on my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera.  This is one of the reasons i’ve taken on the Project 365, posting a picture a day, sharing some of my shots… 

A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.  ~Ansel Adams

I get excited when i see a bird in the grass before my cousin or friend
I get hyper when i watch a new car or gadget around me 
I love watching people in the station, their moods and little quirks 
And there are times when i simply enjoy the moment, and dont even reach for my camera!! I do believe that at times we lose the moment and are busy focussing our lenses, making sure the light is right, and angle is perfect…. 
So, next time you see something that seems even remotely interesting, pause, soak it in, and then capture it [in your mind or in your camera or phone camera]

Project 365 Day 52 Blink

As we drove along the road, in a flash i caught sight of this boat as it came around a corner.. before i knew it, we were past that road, and the boat was nowhere in sight… Made me wonder- do we zip through life that fast? Dont we ever pause to catch our breath or take in the sights around us??

Project 365 Day 51 Flash

Was playing around with my camera and this object few days ago.. any guesses on what this is?? 

It glows upon touch, 
it glows throughout
It dims not untill you stop

It is heavy
but not really
It is light
but not really

It is a gadget
I assure you
It is …………………

Project 365 Skywatch Friday Day 50 Under the Sky

After the exhilarating boat ride on the Pulicat Lake, we went over to visit the Fort & Cemetery, or rather the ruins…


The Dutch Cemetery in Pulicat dates back to the 16th century, and today stands as it was back then. Situated amidst a market place, near where the Fort is said to have been, the Cemetery was built between 1606 and 1690 housing nearly 76 tombs and an underground secret passage that led to the fort ..  The tomb stones with inscriptions in Dutch were apparently carved in Holland and brought to India..

The tombs looked like the Coins on a chess board, some tall, some short and scattered all over the compound…   

for more beautiful skies, visit Skywatch site

Project 365 Day 49 Deep

The brown in these flowers seemed to stare at me as if to make me question myself.  The yellow was the calm and peace that i felt within at times.. These were the flowers in Botanical Garden in Ooty, the beautiful hillstation in Nilgiris [blue mountains] 

Though i was there on work, i did manage to sneak out some time, walk along the cobbled streets, watch the buzz of people going to and returning from various tourist spots and their offices… It sure was a wonderful way to enjoy the cool breeze!! 

D for Depart

If there is one situation where i am lost for words its at the time of Departure… Could be a cousin/uncle/friend flying off to a far away land or when am meeting someone who’s lost someone dear to them. 

Take off :

We are busy packing, shopping and generally yakking about the fun times we had, or about the impending visit, but then when it comes to actually saying that last good bye [not knowing when you will see them again], i choke- emotions and words play Tom & Jerry in my head, leaving me tongue tied [literally] 
And then, few minutes later, we are back in the car, heading home and i play an entire script in my head [of words left unsaid]. There have been times, when i have written a litter and hidden it in the hand baggage along with a small gift, hoping they see it as they board, or while on the flight… 

See you in heaven!!

An uncle, an aunt, a distant relative, a family friend, a friend’s parent/uncle/aunt/gramma/etc whoever it is, i am at such a loss for words, i am surprised.. I guess there is nothing that we can say to make them feel better. My only solution is to be there for them, let them know i am there , and be around [silently].. in most cases,  i get busy helping them with cooking, letting guests in, answering the phone, and making sure the person grieving eats/etc, but i have nothing to say and am always awkward in such places…. You cant make idle conversation, you cant laugh, you cant randomly shoot your mouth!!! 

I’ve had enough:

When i quit my job, at both the previous companies i could not tell Bye to all in the office, so sent out a long mail which drew quite a response.. Some were surprised, some screamed at me for not telling them, some wanted to meet [to try convince me not to quit] and then there were some who were happy to see me go[ guess their ego had a champagne shower]….