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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Jinx

It is almost like April is not my month...

Travels- all plans fell flat- Even a trip to Blore seems to not happen!! 
Technology- almost all the gizmos i use have conked or is being cranky... 

If things go wrong, don't go with them.  ~Roger Babson
But then, am not worried.. I know this is a phase, and this too shall pass [it had better] :)

A friend asked me today - your Bb conked and you are ok with that? not bought a new one?
Me: Yep, something is wrong , looks like i need to reformat, bla bla... But know what this basic Nokia phone is all that i need.. i have the numbers of those close to me, who i am in touch with regularly and that is enough
Friend: what about others? 
Me: Well, i am using my number and they can still call or sms .. I might not know instantly who they are , but i will figure it out
Friend: [pregnant pause] How can you go from BB to Nokia? Dont you miss Twitter, Fb and BBM?
Me: umm, ya, i miss them, but then its cool... Nothing lost... not like i got no life without a BB!!
Friend: [Gives up and hangs up]

I dont get hassled or upset, technology and everything else in life is bound to mess up, and go wrong... So what? 
They will get alright eventually... Else, we figure out a way out... :)
C'est la vie!!

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.  ~Glenn Turner

Friday, April 22, 2011

The 3 friends

Location: Besant nagar beach to Karaikudi... 
Partners in Crime- Moi, Gils and Vidya
Agenda: None!! 

We met, we chatted, we walked, we laughed, we enjoyed the gentle rain, and we ate... 
I was meeting Vidya after................... 4yrs.. Gosh, it had been long but we connected as if we had been apart for a few hours only... Gils joined us a little later and the rest is well, for us to know and for you to keep guessing!! 

Where the hours went we dont know, with no agenda in mind, we walked along the crowded streets from the beach to Karaikudi and back aimlessly... We walked into stores that looked interesting,  we reminisced about insitances that had happened during our previous visit and also made tentative plans for the next few days!

We discussed tattoos, we chewed on work, and hurrayed at the IPL match. We also savoured some yummy Appam and Poondu kuzhambu[ garlic gravy], sampled veg kotthu parota that gils had ordered and laughed at everything... Oh, we also managed to do another fun walk post dinner, and have some ice cream, after sampling almost all the flavours at the outlet... 

At ice cream parlour

G: Picked out his ice cream
V: no, i dont want ice cream, will take spoonful from you
G: Oh no, like Joey, Gils does not share his ice cream.... :-D 

What can i say.. I know i dont do justice to the evening through this post.. Oh well, all i can say is "you gotta be there to know it" :-)) 

To more such times!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Speak up!

Years ago, when we were living in a smaller town, one day on my way back from school, I spotted Latha [ who was our maid Pattamma’s daughter] sitting near the gutter and vomiting. She was doubled over and looked about ready to collapse. We were 3 of us who went past that way to our homes. That day, on seeing this girl, we decided to stop and enquire. She saw me, wiped her face and smiled. I dint know what to do, whether to pause and ask if she was ok, or simply ignore and walk on. I went ahead a few steps, but couldn’t go further. I asked my friends to carry on and that I had forgotten to pick up a letter from a neighbor’s house.  

Turned to see if she was still there and I rushed to her side and quickly asked her if she was ok. She once again smiled and said Yes, I am ok, and wiped her mouth. In a flash, I noticed blood on her hands, and probed further. The 1st thought in my mind was that her father or mother had hit her.  She refused to answer  till I threatened to take her home and get my mother to talk to her mother. She instantly cringed and begged me to not do that.

What she told me had me shivering. I had never heard such a thing before and it made me mad. She burst into tears and narrated how her uncle [who lived nearby and was jobless] came home and forced her to have sex with him when she was back from school and alone at home. He had been doing this to her for a week. I was mortified. I was about 2yrs older than her, but had read about abuse and rape. I was angry, and confused. All I wanted to do was protect her, and take her away. I heard mom calling out to me from around the corner, and like a girl possessed took Latha to mom and made her talk to our maid about this. 

Pattama started beating Latha saying she must have done something to invoke this, and that her brother was a good man. She disappeared for a few minutes before returning with her brother and kept screaming at Latha. Her brother stood silent, staring at Latha in anger. I still remember the look on his face, till Latha could hold it no further. She showed her mother the scars on her body and the words he had said, how he had threatened her.  She went on and on and on for a good half hour till finally, the uncle confessed. The neighbor uncle upon hearing the ruckus came over, enquired, and slapped the “uncle” so hard, he nearly passed out. Latha’s mom begged him to spare her brother,  promised to kick him out of the house and keep her daughter away from him.

2 days later, Latha and her mom came home and said that she had taken Latha to the doctor, and luckily she was alright. She promised to take care of the girl and felt bad for not seeing the signs sooner.!!

We left the town after 6yrs, and Latha was then working in a tailoring unit nearby..

I wonder what she would have done had I not asked her
I wonder what girls like her can do to protect themselves from such scums?
I wish there was a system that protected even these girls and taught them early on to keep a watch for signs!
 My contribution towards CSA Awareness

Monday, April 4, 2011

The 7 things that make me---> me...

Gils said he had an award waiting for me on his blog... So, i rushed to his blog to see what the award was all about.... And then,kaput, i was trapped.. it was a tag...  ;o)

RULES about the award:

1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post
2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass the award

Thank you oh holy ONE- Gils!! yes, i am GREAT, i not only have 4 blogs, but am trying my best to keep em all alive and kicking.. huff puff[ok, i know my 30secs is over...] adios.. 

I have been awarded the.... 

[looks around for some gifts... books maybe.. or perhap a new phone or camera... nope, nothing.... hmfph! much for that!! ]

ok, now onto the next category of the tag-- Share 7 Random facts About me.. i would like to think of these are 7 Unique facts about me, that make me :-) .. Here goes,

1)  Books:

I read like crazy, i can forget the rest of the world when am lost in the pages of a gripping novel, or an inspiring tale, or just something interesting on a topic related to work.. I am currently reading 4 books - Nine Lives by Dalrymple, Last train to Alcatrez by The Autobiography of Leon (Whitey) Thompson, Games Indians play by V Raghunathan and Just started Chanakya's Chant by Ashwin Sanghi[i won via a contest on Twitter]. 

2) Treasure Chest

Like a treasure chest of information, i love collecting information, little trivia, developing my vocabulary and gathering whatever little i can to add some spark into my life.. If i read about something, i immediately look it up to see what it means, if i see a prog on a place on Tv, i look fwd to reading about it. Also, i collect information from friends and others, and share them whenever someone is in need, or asks for assistance. I might not go out of my way, but i will help if i can... :)  

3) Gadgets & Gizmo

I can spend hours talking about these, and infact am happiest when surrounded by people who share interest in the same. I lose interest when in a gathering where all are talking about politics, jewellery, shopping or just plain gossip... Even my online friends, most of them share this interest with me...  Computers, laptops, phones,gaming devices, cameras[learning about these], other accessories, etc etc... LOVE....  Infact, for most people around me i am the Tech consultant!! 

4)  Tried and Tested

I believe in Try before deciding. this applies to anything- food, clothes, drinks, phones, places, etc etc... The list is endless.. I dont go by others' opinions, unless it is from someone close to me who i know cares enough to share their thoughts.. If there is one thing i am dead against and will never ever try, it is Smoking!!  

5) Fire away:

I ask questions by the dozen.. Sometimes people get tired and give up, and other times they simply throw some random answer hoping i will shut up. I need logic, no matter what i am doing, i need to know a reason for doing it. And this is where most times i end up having squabbles with people[esp family] 

6) Yakkity yak
When i am afraid, or anxious, i tend to talk a lot.. When travelling, if there is an activity i have not done before, and am apprehensive about, i go yakkity yak, but then once i am comfortable i am cool and happily chatting away.. Luckily, this is only for the 1st attempt :) 

7) Art

Can i paint? Are you kidding me.. Unless it is MS paint, i am screwed

Can i draw? ya right, mock me some more wont u... gah...

Can i make something out of paper? yes yes.. yipee.. Thanks to a friend, discovered i was not all artistically challenged or whatever you call them, and that i am good with paper and designs, as long as there is instructions... :-))

Wow, am already done is it? Nice..

Well, am not gonna tag anyone specific.. if any of you feel like doing it, go for it.. Every single person on my Reader deserves this award.... :-)) 

Have a lovely day ahead!! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just because

Just because you are an orphan
Does not mean your miserable

Just because you have a big family
Does not mean you are loved

Just because you have friends
Does not mean you are never alone

Just because you dont have friends
Does not mean you are alone

Just because you smile
Does not mean you are happy

Just because you are grumpy
Does not mean you are unhappy

Just because you are tall
Does not mean you are good at Basketball

Just because you are stout
Does not mean you lack stamina

Just because you are curt
Does not mean you are rude

Just because you are polite
Does not mean you are kind hearted

Just because you speak English
Does not mean you are educated

Just because you talk
Does not mean you are smart

Just because you are silent
Does not mean you are rude

Just because you shout
Does not mean you are arrogant

Just because you are graceful
Does not mean you are nice

Just because you dont complain
Does not mean you are a saint

Just because you talk
Does not mean you understand

Just because you have a career
Does not mean you dont know how to be in a family

Just because you are single
Does not mean you are a loser

Just because you are married
Does not make you the king/queen of the world 

Just because.... 
Just because..................