Location: Besant nagar beach to Karaikudi… 
Partners in Crime- Moi, Gils and Vidya
Agenda: None!! 

We met, we chatted, we walked, we laughed, we enjoyed the gentle rain, and we ate… 
I was meeting Vidya after………………. 4yrs.. Gosh, it had been long but we connected as if we had been apart for a few hours only… Gils joined us a little later and the rest is well, for us to know and for you to keep guessing!! 

Where the hours went we dont know, with no agenda in mind, we walked along the crowded streets from the beach to Karaikudi and back aimlessly… We walked into stores that looked interesting,  we reminisced about insitances that had happened during our previous visit and also made tentative plans for the next few days!

We discussed tattoos, we chewed on work, and hurrayed at the IPL match. We also savoured some yummy Appam and Poondu kuzhambu[ garlic gravy], sampled veg kotthu parota that gils had ordered and laughed at everything… Oh, we also managed to do another fun walk post dinner, and have some ice cream, after sampling almost all the flavours at the outlet… 

At ice cream parlour

G: Picked out his ice cream
V: no, i dont want ice cream, will take spoonful from you
G: Oh no, like Joey, Gils does not share his ice cream…. 😀 

What can i say.. I know i dont do justice to the evening through this post.. Oh well, all i can say is “you gotta be there to know it” :-)) 

To more such times!!
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