Gone in a flash

Its going to be 24hours and am still reeling from the incidents of yesterday…. Why? Well, lets just say its a day i dont want to ever go through again…

The day began as every other day does, except things took a turn like never before… We were all busy with our routine at home, i was shuttling between kitchen and my workstation.. Gramma was in her Puja, granpa was reading the paper in the living room.. Around 12noon, gramma spoke to uncle who was to come over for lunch and asked the driver- Chithirai to pick up some veggies and pick up uncle as well..

Time started ticking by…

12.15pm Uncle called asking if the car has been sent
I- Oh yes, he must be coming in a few mins max
Uncle: ok, am waiting downstairs

12.45pm: Uncle called again asking where the car was..
I: Oh, he hasnt come yet…??? Wonder why?Let me check and call you back..

I called mom to ask if maybe he has come there.. She checked and replied Not there
I checked with granparents if they had asked him to finish some errands…
Called uncle and asked him to come over, inform the watchman to tell the driver he has left…

1pm Uncle comes over

My mind was racing… “this has never happened before, atleast not with this driver… he is one of the most prompt people i know”
“was there something wrong with the car?, but then he would have called home reporting the same asap [i know this for a fact as it has happened before..once]

We ate in silence….
1.45pm Uncle and i decided to head out and see if he was stuck somewhere..
Maybe an accident, or maybe car trouble and no phone around….
[i had a nagging thought that something had happened to Chithira… a 1st.. a thought i kept brushing away ]

We left home, and had just driven into the road across when gramma called from home…
There is a policeman here.. he is saying the car is near bains school and driver has passed away from heart attack…
I was stumped… in shock….

We drove over to the spot and there was , lying on the ground, covered with a tarpaulin sheet….
I was speechless and shaking all over…

Time crawled by as we waited for his brother to come over….Franctic calls were made to mom-dad, uncle, and driver’s brother…. Stood there near our car, while people piled around, hungry for gossip…
I shooed away quite a few with stares, and glares
Some caught the sharp end of my tongue….
Was disgusted at how curious people were at the sight of trouble and death….

Nearly 4pm as the brother reached the venue and from there things sorted out… We were back home and stumped at what had happened….

May his soul rest in peace!!! 

Made us realise how we take people for granted, how we assume everyone is going to be around forever and then crash boom bang…. gone!!
Made us realise how much a death affects us…

Dont take anyone for granted
Respect and appreciate what they do…………………… !!

Rules Kidaiyathu… 180.. Nootri Enbathu

Couple of days back, 25th June to be exact saw 3 good friends, bloggers march into Escape Cinemas in Express Avenue and get all set to watch the movie 180- Nootri Enbathu… We had all seen trailers, all but me had been tripping on the music and now we were curious about the story, the plot, the acting, etc… 
Cast: Sidharth, Priya Anand, Nitya Menon, Mouli, Tanikella Bharani, Gita, MS Narayana, Laskhmi Ramakrishna, Janaki Sabesh, Sricharan, Misha Ghoshal, Cees Van Toledo, Xango Henry, Manager Cheena аnԁ others
Director: Jayendra
Music: Sharreth
Here is how the movie went… 
Ajay or Aj (Siddharth) is sitting on the foot steps of Ganges river in Varanasi while a small kid performing the last rites for his father plays around with a toy car… We then come to know that Ajay has come to India when he moves into a space in Mouli-Geeta’s house.. He pays them 6months rent in advance and says he is going to be there for only 6 months. He befriends the paper boy, is one day seen ironing clothes, the other day racing an auto driver who demands an exhorbidant amount from an old lady… No one really knows who he is or what he is upto? It baffled us to see him throw around money like he was a millionaire and yet not see him do any work.  
One day, Vidya (Nithya Menon), a photo journalist spots Siddharth, is fascinated by what she sees and tracks him down. They get friendly, start hanging out, pretty soon Vidya falls for him… Every now and then we see Ajay go into a blimp, spaced out and lost in thoughts. It does make us wonder what the story behind that is, but we are kept captivated by his naughtiness and liveliness…. 
All is well till Mouli tells Ajay 6months is up and the very next day, he is off with his bags packed, ready to scoot off into the horizon.. And then, there is the photograph that the ironwala kid hands over saying he found it in Ajay’s trousers.. 
You can also listen to Rules Kidaiyathu here
The 1st half is quite enthralling, with amazing visuals and fun songs.. The photography is simply wow.. As my friend Gils said, we were getting 3D effect at 2D rates!! 😀
Anyways, let me not digress…
Ajay is off to the bus stand when Vidya comes looking for him, to profess her feelings. She chases him on her bike, and as we watch, she meets with an accident…. This is where the past is revealed and we learn more about this elusive Ajay..  Vidya has a spine injury and Dr Ajay kicks into action, taking charge and getting his Chief in USA to be prepared to operate on her. 
His past involves his friend Sam and sweetheart Renuka(Priya Anand). He’s a well accomplished doctor in USA who falls in love with Renukam marries her and has a fairy tale life till things take a turn completely. This is the stage where we understand why the movie is called 180. It signifies the 180days he has left to live…  
As he discovers news of his illness, he distances himself from Renuka
Decides to disappear from her life
Packs his bags and leaves the country…………………. 
he almost fakes his death and remains invisible to all those he knew in USA! 
And now, because of Vidya’s injury he was back in USA… Was he ready to reconnect with Renuka? or will he choose Vidya and start a life with her? Does he live or does he die? The director decides to take us on a journey so long and winding that at the end of the movie, we felt like we had been sitting in the theater for 180hours!!  uff….
My Analysis:
The movie starts off light and fun, but suddenly goes through a tunnel and comes out after what seems like forever. The director got caught and dint know how to cut the chase… Wish the movie was crisper and shorter, more to the point… 
The visuals are amazing… it shows that the director has an Ad background.. The colours, outfits, camera, photography are simply amazing…..  
Camera work.
Siddharth, Nithya, Mouli, Geeta, Priya have all acted very well… 
Rules kidaiyathu song picturisation was fun!!
The final Climax.


The story.
Dragging 2nd half
Unnecessary twists…
Overacting in some places… 

Overall rating:
2/5 [merely for the camera work] 
Wait for it and watch it on DVD or TV!!

What is

What is wrong if i speak my mind
What is wrong if i share my thoughts
What is wrong if i leave a room when there are guests and awkward silences?
What is wrong if i disagree to something granpa said, or an uncle said…
What is wrong if i go meet friends  
What is wrong if i decide to go for a movie during a weekday?
These are just some of the questions floating in my head… And i’ve realised people around me are so conditioned by the people around them, they dont think outside the box or even if they do, they are afraid to break away and do their own thing… 
It is such a strange world we live in, where we have created the so called “society”, and we are afraid of the same. We created something that has now come back to bite us in the ass… Yes, admit it! You agree with this! 
I’ve been going crazy trying to make my family [immediate] understand that it is is ok to do what you feel like, go where you desire, talk/eat/dress according to your wishes.. Though they nod for the moment, the moment is lost too soon! Why? 
What is wrong in living life the way you want? 
What is the control you seek to hold on to?
This is not something i’ve seen only in my home, i see it all around me
Everyday , every minute there is someone who is speaking in hush tones ‘cos they dont want someone else who they know to hear them… wth! 
I find it suffocating and i keep wanting to break away from it, but then keep getting chained back in.. Not on my own free will, but no thanks to those around… 
“Their mind’s are conditioned”
“They are set in their ways”
“They have lived their life”
“Look at how good their lives have been”
Are some statements i have heard everytime i speak about change! 
Makes me wonder-
Do we need these boundaries to keep us in check?
Arent we the ones who created these walls in the 1st place? and so, we should have the liberty to break em down right?
Why are people so afraid?
Why are they so hesitant to do something that according to them is not “NORMAL”
What will happen if they do decide to let go?
I am so not cut out from the same mould as some of my family is… And that irks them! I dont know if they secretly feel proud or cringe everytime i do something that my heart desires… 
I would like to think they are happy for me
Albeit truth is far from that….
“Dont go there, someone might see you”
“Dont do this… or that… cos someone might see you, or “we” dont do such things” 
“Why are you like this? why cant you be more like xyz?”
Is there a Rule book somewhere? I would like to see it! Rather, i demand to see it… the damn thing has everyone brainwashed and acting like muppets…

And if i hear once more “They are saying that because they care about you”, i will kill someone!!!  That person who supposedly cares is more bothered about gossip or being the 1st squealer, nothing more!!
Is it worth living like that?
When i see all these people around me control themselves, stop themselves from doing things they know they will love it makes me mad! But,am just a tiny droplet in a majestic ocean… And there are some who are the tsunamis in it… Wrecking havoc!!
Think… Next time you stop yourself or someone you care about from doing/saying/going/eating/drinking something… THINK!!

Change is easy… Indeed!!

When i read about Indiblogger’s Change is easy contest, i knew i had to participate.. The contest was by Dell Inspiron… Alas, time just flew and i was running out of time, literally.. So, here goes my contribution….

Anybody who knows me, knows how crazy i am about gadgets and gizmos… I love exploring the new releases, i love playing with the gadgets, and digging deeper to understand what its features are…. 

They also know i wont simply use a theme or a pre-set image as the background or leave the device as it was…. I love playing around with it, and giving it an identity….  You get the picture, dont you?!

Whenever i pick up a new gadget, for myself, i make sure it reflects me, my tastes, and persoality… Its not just about the device, its about ME!!

I used to have a Sony Vaio 15″ laptop that had pretty Butterfly stickers on them and  little star stickers on the keyboard. They just seemed to perk me up the minute i sat to work on it.. The background display picture is always a photograph i had shot.. I was never big on downloadig images off the net and using it as a background image on my laptop… Plus, this is a cool way to show off my photography skills, right? 😉

There are not too many places i have taken the bulky laptop to, but wherever i have, the stickers were noticed. To a point where friends started gifting me things that had butterflies on them 🙂
I dont know when or how my love for Butterflies began, but now every soul around me knows about my love for em and keeps gifting me/informing me of things with butterflies on em…
About a year ago, i switched from my treasured and cherished Nokia N95 8GB to Blackberry Curve 8520.. Once i had figured out the various features, dowloaded the necessary apps, i started exploring the world through my Blackberry. Even though the Camera on this phone is not as great as the one in my Nokia, it dint deter me from clicking pictures of interesting things. Seconds later, one of them would be featured as my wallpaper… I would then mail the pictures to my mail, edit them if required and share or use them on my laptop. It is not a force of habit, or an obsession, but its something i enjoy …

Last weekend we had gone for a morning walk to the beach, where i captured a few shots from and now one of them is my wallpaper.. Infact, when i shared the screeshot with a friend, he suggested i renew my Flickr account and share my photographs out there.. Felt good to hear such encouraging comments

Apart from these, i have an External hard drive which again has a Butterfly sticker on it.. And my lovely iPod Touch with the cool background images taken from my many travels across the state and country… I scan through the images, wonder which will suit the device, which reflects my mood and use it till i feel the need for change, which is usually in a week or till i capture some new images..

Oh, did i tell you am now using a different Sony vaio, we had bought this for my sis, but since her office gave her a laptop, this came back to me.. Yayy!!  Its a sleek White one and the butterfly sticker shines beautifully on the outer cover.. How i wish i could create an entire new cover for the laptop… The desktop is again a photograph i shot – the most recent being that of a flower lying on the ground with a few raindrops, shot at Bicode, Karnataka…

I have recently bought a 1TB hard drive.. Wondering how to deck it up!!! ;o)

Off i go looking for some color to splash…

Skywatch Friday — St Stephen’s Church, Ooty

Was taking a break from work and glancing through my photo albums when i stumbled upon the one titled “Ooty”. Its been 2years since my last visit and i sure hope i get the chance to revisit the hill station. 
Back in school when i had visited Ooty 1st time, the toy train had us all in squeals, laughing and cheering on.. And later, when we visited Ooty during my MBA days for a holiday + workshop, we were enjoying the sights and scenes that came along with us. We were 4 close friends who wandered the town, took off on our own looking for hidden treasures, got into trouble for being late to the workshop sessions, but at the end we had FUN! 
The most recent trip was just me.. I travelled by Bus both ways, a good 12hour journey made easy thanks to music, book and decent company… 
Many who visit Ooty only know of the usual tourist spots.. But during my last trip, while i aimlessly roamed the winding path, i stumbled upon this magnificent church. Asked the cab to pull over and decided to explore a bit…
 The Church is a Gothic church and is one of the best known colonial structures in Ooty.  The church was apparently constructed and carved totally from wood. The interiors are beautiful and it was cooler than outside..probably because of the wood. Stories around the Church say that the wood was brought from Tipu Sultan’s palace and was transported to Ooty through elephants.
The Stained glass images were beyond beautiful.. Words dont do justice…
There is also a life size portrait of the Last Supper near the doorway…
Info from the net:
The pulpit is on the left of the chancel and attached to it is a small flight of steps. A pleasant surprise awaits one in the attic of the third tier of the church. Here, instead of the big metallic bell, one comes across novel but antique hammer like structures (four in number) tied on to inverted “V” Shaped planks, with ropes. There are four thick iron bars on the Eastern as well as the Western side screwed on to thick wooden beams and they hang from above at different heights in a slanting fashion, and face each other. There are pulleys attached with solid wires, which operate the hammers, and which reach the ground floor through the gaps in between the planks on the floor. The entire structure is housed on a tall, sturdy stool, which is open on all the fourth sides. When the wires are pulled from the floor, a rhythmic musical sound is produced..  [Source: http://www.tamilnadu-tourism.com/tamil-nadu-temples/st-stephens-church.html]
I walked around the campus, taking in the beautiful architecture when suddenly the security guard came over and asked me to leave as it was closing time….

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There are days I wake up feeling awesome , am excited for no reason and the day goes off on a high.. Things go well and am happy through the day! Nothing draws me down or deters me from my path!

Friend: whatsup?
Me: (grinning) ohnothing,just another new day
Friend: what are you so excited about?
Me: nothing and everything 🙂 

And then there are those days when I just don’t want to get out of bed.. Am either sleepy or just not ready for the day(not that it is going to be any different).. The day then goes by slowly, with the seconds hand on the clock ticking away oh so slowly… I wait patiently for lunch time or in hope that a meeting might crop up to get me out of this mode!!

Grampa- come, sit watch. They are showing xyz temple/place
Me:(grumpy) grabs iPod and heads off for a walk.. (Slamming door)

And of course those lovely days when I dont sleep or have hit the bed at an unearthly hour.. The morning after is just terrible, actually the whole day is a blur.. Either am cranky or just bugged… These are days when I don’t push myself or force things myself.. I simply go with the flow and meet the end of the day with sleep tugging at my eyebrows..

Mom/grampa- good morning, had coffee?
Me: (Hmfph) no 
Mom/grampa- oh, go have! Milk is in a bowl in fridge, coffee dicoction in 2nd shelf in the fridge .. 
Me: ( silent ….walks away shaking head)

But, when am traveling and away from home.. It does not matter what kind of a day or night I’ve had, am up early and in a good mood from the minute I open my eyes!! I wonder why and I wonder how!!! 
Me: good  morning 🙂
Friend/aunt/others: good morning 🙂 

My3rd post via iPod touch!!

Skywatch Friday Cones in the sky

During our brief visit to Kochi, we travelled to a nearby town called Thirupunithura, where we discovered an entire maze of lanes filled with palaces.. Some of them were simply called Palace 1, Palace 13, while others had names- Lakshmi Thopu Palace and Bungalow Palace. As we walked around, while trying to capture a sneak peek into the palaces, i managed to see only the roofs.. They looked like Cones against the sky… 

The palaces were not majestic or grand, but were palatial houses. Some of which have become wedding halls, while others are occupied by descendants from the Royal families…We see swanky cars, kids clad in T shirts and jeans running about, and modern life seems to have taken over these traditional palaces…. 

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All around

I’ve suddenly been bitten by the ‘ I Want to write, I Want to rant, I want to blog’ bug!! And so have decided to make the most of it… 

This Is just a thought
Just an idea
Just something that I’ve been mulling over for a while now.. 

Why are some people so miserable?
Are they really miserable?
Are they so used to being miserable, they draw comfort from that?
Are they happy getting the attention that they fear it might stop if they stop ‘being’ so miserable?
Do they not want to change their lives?

The more I interact with people, the more I seem to understand why they are the way they are!

Some will go to any lengths to get what they want
Some have a ‘don’t care’, this is how I will live my life philosophy
Some pretty much just whine an cry through their day
Some oscilate between tears and laughter so quick, they leave me wondering “am I being a fool in worrying/caring about them”..

I do understand that pretty much everything we do and say has a subtle motive to it.. But I for one, cannot manipulate people into doing things.. 

I know it takes all kinds of people to make this world
But there are some who need to a reality check or should be thrown in a corner/pit till they get their act together!!! 

Disclaimer: this post was just my thoughts being poured out.. If you take anything personal or think am talking about you, well, think about it and DO SOMETHING!!! 

My 2nd post from the iPod touch!!