Walking down the road enjoying the cool breeze brushing against my face, i walked aimlessly till i reached the gates of the Botanical Gardens in Ooty. Took my own sweet time exploring the gardens, the green house and the various trees inside the park. 
There were plants big and small, trees new and old; not to forget the hoards of people lazing on the lawns and enjoying a family picnic… The weather was perfect for walking, and my camera was begging me to take some shots… 
As i was exiting the park, a lady came towards me holding a bunch of the
prettiest looking flowers. They were yellow, small and cute. But, i
wasnt sure if they were real flower or fake, so i put my hand out and
touched them. The petals felt like paper, but the lady assured me they
were real flowers, and blossomed only in Ooty with a long lifespan…. I
was tempted to buy a bunch, but since i had just landed in Ooty, i
decided to come back for them later. 
I walked away smiling to myself thinking :Yellow flowers in the Blue hills[Nilgiris]…