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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Take a Chill pill

 There are not too many things that irk me.. but yes, there are a few that bug me to no end.... Here are a few,- 

Coffee shop Screeches
I have friends [others who are not really friends, but more than acquaintances and sometimes even clients] who insist on meeting in coffee shops. Agreed, they make a good place to meet, but havent we grown out of these by now? 

Sitting in CCD a coffee shop trying to hold a business meeting.... The TV on the wall is blarring some gibberish, and then there is the music which is screeching via the speakers and ofcourse the gazillion people filling the sofas and chairs who are talking at the top of their voice.. Well, i cant blame the people actually, they are loud cos they want to be heard, which is possible only if they are practically screaming over the TV and the so called Music.. There have been so many instances where i've requested the Cafe guys to turn down the volume, and mysteriously 2mins later, its up again........... Why do i bother? 

Oh, i've also had one of those meets at CCD.... ya ya, you are thinking in the right track vonly.... [atleast i think you are].. anyways, it was such a weird meeting.. There was my favorite music playing on the speakers, and the guy was totally bugged.. Apparently this kind of music is not good for health he claimed [mister, i know it all, i am the ultimate King of the world]... 

Heck, i am the kind who believes "each one to their own"... and this guy had me thinking "nothing wrong if i were to kill him, right here right now... "

honk  (hôngk, hngk)n.
1. The raucous, resonant sound characteristic of a wild goose.
2.  A sound similar to a goose's honk: blew a loud honk on the bass saxophone.... 

hahaha, i love the dictionary for giving me these definitions.... How true!! 

Are you a honker? Do you love honking for no reason? Lets not meet, alright!!! Wouldnt want to kill you too.. 

Well, am talking about all those mortals who firmly believe they are special and deserve to be given free way on the road, no matter what vehicle they are driving or how bad the traffic is...

Honk honk.. i want to fly over the long line of vehicles and reach my destination

Honk.. I have to rush, i need to get my brain operated on... honk honk.... 

I need to pee.. it is urgent, cant you see. Honk honk honk... 

Get going mister, go on.. Honk honk.. i dont want to pay parking fee.. go on already.. honk honk honk......ufff..

Am bored, i dont like sitting idle in the car waiting for the traffic to move.. so, i shall honk honkity honk.... 

Alright, whats the holdup? Oh, there is an ambulance.. what the hell, i deserve to be given space as well, i "honk honk honk..." demand... "honk".... 

i am on the bleddy phone cant you "honk" see, the phone is running out of juice, need to "honk" get home and charge phone so i can continue this pointless "honk" banter

Hey cow/dog/pedestrian- "honk"honk", walk fast already... go on, get "honk" going.... 

What the hell "honk".. dammit.. the red traffic light already... "honk"... why isnt it changing? "honk""honk" 

sigh.................... I wish i could invent a device that will deactivate the horns in all vehicles... 

Am tired... gonna go take a break now!


gils said...

dnt reinvent the wheel..the device is already there. its called ear muff :D

Ravi said...

I dont find any unnecessary honks in Chennai, but in traffic signals yes.. def.. when its red, we are in front of the honker-phobias.. ur good day ends there...

Me said...

Soooo, let's meet at a coffee shop! :)


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