No matter what the conversation is, it invariably steers towards the topic of “Marriage”
No matter who they are talking about, it comes around to someone who is looking to get married
No matter who is in the room, the discussion beats around the bush and heads straight to the pitstop called “marriage”
No matter what time of the day it is, there is someone talking about how the girls of today are too independent for their own good and Not likely to ADJUST 
No matter what the mood of the moment is, there is one person harping about how the girls of today DONT want to get married or have Babies
No matter who is visiting or who is at home, there is one group talking about the “girl” in the house and how she is not yet married ….. 
No matter what ,
No matter when
No matter who
This is all they seem to talk about………………………
and i have had ENOUGH!!! 
Do they not know there is more to life than just getting Married?
Do they not know the accomplishments of the person matter?
Do they not care about the person or their feelings or thoughts?
Do they not have any concern for the person’s emotions?
Do they simply not care?
Do they have nothing else on their mind?
Enough is enough!!