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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ta da... The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch is here!!

Did you know?
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is going to be unveiled on August 10...

Did you know?
Indiblogger has rolled out this awesome contest where they have got some cool "to die for" give aways

Did you know?
This is our chance to become Samsung Mobiler

Did you know?
This means we get to have THE ultimate, THE first hand experience of all New Samsung Mobile products?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch

So, now you know why i am writing this blog post??? lolz...

Yep, being the Gadget freak that i am, i just had to participate and talk about how AMAZING Samsung has been in the recent past..

They have outdone other brands in
Range of Mobiles
and ofcourse .....
The Tab....
 If you’re interested in the new Samsung Tab 750, catch the event live right herre on
Date and Time: August 10th,Wednesday ---------> 12:00pm – 2:00pm (IST) 
Be here!! 

So, say a prayer
or drink a beer
Just think of me
and wish me Luck!!  ;o)


Prats said...

Best of Luck and if you get the Tab you can gift it me :-P

Btw me participating too :-D

Aarti said...

hey Prats!! Good luck to you tooo :D

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Anonymous said...

Nice post.

Anonymous said...

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