Sigh… And so with this the Tag comes to end and so does the month of September… 9 months of 2011 are over and we just have 3 more left before 2012 comes knocking on the door..!! So much to do, so many places to see, just not fair!! 

I quite like the theme for the day- In Motion.. Kinda gives me hope that as we keep moving, so will our dreams and thereon our lives… Maybe this is how its meant to be.. Keep going… Keep at it till you succeed/ reach your goals/ reach for the stars… 
The image i have for this theme is one that was taken in Pondy during my visit last year.. We were walking along the ocean when the sound from the waves thrashing against the rocks stopped us in our tracks.. 
Like the waves, i wish to keep flowing… 
Like the waves, i wish to keep aspiring for greater heights..
Like the waves, i wish to keep going no matter what challenges come my way!
Thanks Ratzzz for initiating this tag amidst our group… Felt bad when your Camera conked, but do hope you get to do this tag soon!!