I open blogger to write the post and that is when it hits me that September is nearly over, just 2 days to go.. Sigh!! 9 months of this year is over… :-/

The theme for the day is “Daily routine”… i dint have to blink, i knew what i was going to post… Ever since i moved into my grandparents home [11years ago], i found the chime that has been a part of my childhood and during the growing up years as well. I brought it out, and hung  it on the cupboard.
So, now every morning, i wake up, pull the string, let the music play, listen to it, enjoy it and then get out of the room… 🙂 a perfect start to the day… In case i miss it, the morning does go for a toss, i know, i know, am probably just connecting random dots, but what the heck…. 😀 

This chime was bought by Granpa when i was a baby from one of his international trips…

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