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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wash it off..

I dint believe it when i read this in today's paper!! Hand washing day- really? What next? Brush your teeth day? Sigh...

The thoughts that were running through my head on reading this was,-
1. Are they trying to stress the importance of personal hygeine?
2. Are they promoting the message that one needs to wash their hands often?
3. Is it directed at all those who go to the loo but dont wash their hands?
4. Is it a marketing gimmick to promote all the bazillion kinds of hand-washes available in the market?

Wash your hands
After you eat
Wash your hands
After you play with your dog, cat, or other pets
Wash your hands
After you return from a shopping spree
Wash your hands
Right after touching green chillies
Wash your hands
When you are done in the loo 
Wash your hands
if you clean your room, cupboard, shelf, etc
Wash your hands
Wash your hands..... 
What next i wonder..... 

The only way you will be excused from washing your hands would be....