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Monday, December 31, 2012

Adios 2012 Hola 2013

Yet another year has gone by, flown by, but then it dint really fly by. I sat back and watched the days fly, and the months roll out. And now, it is the last day of 2012- Dec 31st.


The year has been good, overall- Touch wood!! I did get some perspective on life, managed to get my act together with work, and did travel [visit a few places that had been on my Must visit list for quite some time]. This year, i was offline more than online; spent more time with friends and people who matter and learnt that I have none but myself to blame for whatever happens to me[late realisation, but it gets stronger every year].

This year i found a new family amidst a bunch of girls/ladies [Deeps, Pree Tas, Avanthi, Jenny, Aunty, Yal & KK] who i know are good leaning pillars and there when i need a push/shove; another gang of friends[RS,AR,DS,KR,SR,HS] who changes Display pictures & group names every day but are a good solid lot; and ofcourse my 2 best friends [N & A] and their lovely families- who prove to me every day that I am indeed blessed & loved, and all others who have taught me valuable lessons on life, people & everything else. 
And then there are those who've always been there- inspiring me, especially Lakshmi.. :-)
I look forward to a year of good health, more drive in everything i  do and ofcourse exploring many more places. I also hope to find a place of my own, realise a few dreams tucked away within my grey cells and continue spreading happiness and cheer all around. 

To all those who made a difference, to all those who were there for me, to all those who patiently sat and let me vent- Love you all~!! I hope you know I am there for you....  

                          Happy New Year everyone!!
     Live life on your terms and dont let anyone bring your   
                                confidence down...
Try new things, trip and fall, but never look back with regret~!! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kagitha Sirpi Ramesh- Inspiration & perseverence

Wanted to share this interesting incident from last evening.

I was heading back home, hopped into an auto in R A Puram and no sooner did the auto guy start talking [well, this happens pretty much always]..  Initially he asked me where i was headed, and then gave a sheepish grin saying "i live right here ma'am, am headed home". I said "no worries" and began walking on.. He then came over, stopped and said " you are a lady, going alone, and it is late, i shall drop you, hop in". Dint know if i should be grateful or scared. Anyways, put fear aside, hopped in...

Within minutes, as always, he started talking. He said He teaches at various colleges and auto was just something he did on the side to add to his piggy bank. He mentioned Blogspot and that he was an artist keen on selling/promoting his art. I told him how to blog,  what an email was and various ways of how he could get people from all over to get in touch with him. He kept asking queries on blogger, what is comments, and so on which i answered to the best of my knowledge.

We were driving past MOP Vaishnav when he pointed out saying "i have taught here, and even been featured on their radio channel". I got curious and asked him what kind of art he was into. I asked if he painted, oil, canvas, etc and he instantly shook his head and said "i cant draw made, i am what you call a sculptor, except with paper". This piqued me interest, and i asked "origami?" He turned, grinned and said "you know Origami? well, i do Kirigami" I use scissors and made interesting pieces madam.. Do you know?

I told him of how i was inspired by a friend and got interested in origami. He was damn kicked and spoke excitedly about Kirigami, how he is the only one in India to be in this space, the various interviews given to publications/magazines/websites and the TV channels that have featured him. At the Pizza hut traffic signal, he pulled out some sheets of paper- The Hindu, and another supplement from a tamil paper and showed me the interviews, but not before asking with a tinge of hesitation "you read tamil?"

When i asked him to share his blog url, you know what he said "just google Kirigiami india madam and my name is the 1st.. i am known as Kagitha sirpi Ramesh".

He is so eager to showcase the 4000 pieces he has created, but unable to find a sponsor. He has done classes pretty much all over the city, even at the ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI, Nelson Manickam road.. he says he wants to apply for a Guiness record, but there is so much red tape he is lost in the maze. He wants to teach more... he also wants to see if he can sell his creations not only to spread the joy of Kirigami, but also to earn some money.

He has no knowledge of computers.. has a friend who runs a browsing center who manages his blog and email..

As i got home, i was truly inspired and felt that i should do what is possible to help this guy out...

Is there anyway we can help him?

His Blog:
Ph - +91 9841240152
Email me:-
                                                                  one of his master pieces.
PS: I have shared this on FB as well.. 

This Monday.............Behave!

[Image courtesy- Inspirational, Motivational & Moral Stories For All]

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I am not going to be talking about any big shot MNC {Multi National Corporation} in this post. Nor am i talking about Muslims n Christians.. I am referring to ,

M for Manners 
C for Courtesy..... 

Why suddenly a post on this? well, i guess it has been long due.. and today, i realised people do need a lesson.. If it were upto me, i would just chain them all up, and get them to a common area and teach em a few lessons or give them a taste of their own medicine... 
Image courtesy:

What happened?
Well, i had finished a movie and was sitting in the restaurant sipping on my coffee. When i had walked in, the place was fairly empty and even though i offered to sit around the counter, the staff showed me to a table for 2. I ordered a coffee and idiyappam, and another take away order. Within minutes, the place filled up. I guess couple of other movies had let out or where about to start and the people who piled into the eatery were either done or waiting for their movie. 

Anyways, without digressing.. A family of 4 sat in the table next to mine, a lady, an elderly man, and 2 kids[ one looked teenageish and other must have been 8-9yrs old]. I was generally looking around and spotted this lady staring at me [eyes glued.. i kid you not], and then i saw her eyes go to my forearm [ i have a tattoo there] and then all the way down to my legs... And then, she instantly beckoned the teenagish girl and said "woh dekho, uske haath mein aur ankle mein tattoo hain.. kaisi ladki hain ye?" [look at her, she has a tattoo on her arm and on her ankle,,. wonder what kind of a girl she is.. - in a full on gossip mode]

How do i know what she said? No, i dint lean over or anything, she was loud enough. 

I turned, and once again noticed her staring at me. I looked at her straight and said "is there something wrong?" 
She instantly turned away awkwardly and pretended to fuss with the other kid's food. Within seconds, i could feel her stare once again on me and she actually pointed to my tattoos and showed it to the man beside her..
I kinda lost it, was ready to get up and go give her a piece of my mind, when another man walked over to their table, shushed her and sat down. 

OK, that was Incident 1... While i waited for the parcel and bill, i noticed there were quite a few standing, waiting for a table. I saw a middle aged couple hover about, and they actually came to stand near my table. Since i was done eating, i was generally gazing around, talking to a friend on the phone and looking at the menu card. I look up and i see her staring at me intently. She then calls her husband to tell him " look at her, sitting in a table meant for 2, not eating but not leaving.... cant she see we are waiting here?" [in Hindi]

A waiter passed by the table, i asked if i could wait at the counter.. He said "No,ma'am, give me 2mins, will bring your parcel and bill".. I saw the lady hoverinng around, and actually  her she could sit in the empty chair in my table. She shirked her shoulders and said "Nahin, nahin koi zaroorat nahin [no no, there is no need]" and continued standing and staring.

They stood around, shifting from one foot to the other.. I was also getting restless and felt bad that people were waiting... Finally, one of the staff requested them to stand on the other side as it was blocking their path. I got up, went to the counter near the entrance, asked for the bill and got ready to leave. That woman looks at her husband and says "she could have done this earlier na... cha, people these days dont care about others"[ in hindi] ... I smiled at her and told her "sorry you waited so long, it was not my fault, however i did ask you to sit in the empty chair and you chose not to].. her husband smiled at me and said "haan beta[yes dear], i know.. anyways we have got a table now "

What is it with people?
Why do they stare or gawk?
Do they not care about others or do they think they are above us ?
Why do they love poking their nose into others' business?
What would they do if someone else commented/gossiped about them?

I am the kind who will get up and give my seat to someone if they are older than me, with a baby, unwell or specially abled...
I tell people "sorry" and "thank you"- even to auto/bus drivers and toiler cleaners... 
I am not saying go out of your way to be nice, but live and let live.... 

Learn some manners people!!! Your children are going to grow up thinking it is ok to gupshup, gossip, and pass comment on others... You never know, you might be at the receiving end one day... God Forbid... 

This Monday.... take charge of your life

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Volkswagen creates a buzz..again

So, today i woke up to hear Uncle telling gramma something about the paper. Picked it up [The Hindu] to see an entire cover advertising Volkswagen... Suddenly, felt a buzz across the paper, and noticed there was a little black thing stuck on one of the boxes on the paper.

The front & back cover of The Hindu dated 11th Sep 2012

Interesting marketing by Volkswagen... but will this help them get buyers? I remember earlier too they had attached a small device with a recorded talking ad in the paper... it did get them attention, but did the sales increase? [They advertise in The Hindu & Times of India as well]

This time Volkswagen was asking people "Feel the shiver of excitement?" [which was placed on the front cover page of the paper] and the vibrater was probably meant to define the shiver... The various other features of the car was advertised- Navigation system with built in rear-view camera, multifunction steering wheel, Bluetooth support, leather package, new wheels and much more.

For people like my mom or gramma who had no clues about cars but for the fact that they were vehicles to take them around, this vibrator was a neat idea. Mom jumped when she felt it and they then began discussing where else this device could be placed . Uncle suggested putting it in the cupboard,so if anyone else tried opening they would be taken by surprise. Or maybe in the handbag...Gramma was wondering where else to place this device.

If you notice, they were all indeed captivated by that tiny device, but none of them were curious about the car or the brand that had come up with the idea to place it in the papers...I know they are just a minority, and I, on the other hand was wondering what this device had to do with the car, did they have it inbuilt somewhere, or what the experience would be like. 

What VW was trying to do through this campaign- draw attention to the brand, have people talking about it for a while, and ofcourse promote the sales.. Did they achieve all of these?? I think they are half way there. People [i see on Twitter that it is trending] are indeed talking about it- irrespective of whether they liked it or not... But will it boost car sales? Only time will tell...

Umm, btw, VW you should reconsider the team doing SM for you.... I saw this tweet that had been RT'd by  a friend.. what was your SM team thinking? or not?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An evening with a 6yr old

Last friday, i was invited by a friend to come attend the Varalakshmi Puja.. Am not too big on these functions, but i did go [am that kind of sweet girl, you see], and while there, most of the time i was yapping away with their  6yr old R, who i've met a few times earlier, but dint really speak to him... That evening, he was yakking away, talking about his friends, school, the teeth he had pulled out thanks to which he got to miss a day of school and yada yada yada.... Then his dad, also a friend joined us and eventually the conversation steered towards movies. Casually, i asked R if he would like to go see a movie with me, and instantly he replied "yes, can we go?" "I want to see Madagascar 3, not Ice Age 4,ok?"

Who is R's dad? Well, he is R Sr is a friend i found through Twitter, but again one of those with whom i connected so well... Have been to his house a few times, met his wife-A, dined, and well, they are a lovely bunch of friends am lucky to have found :) Also made a few other good friends through them!!

I told him "yes" but also set the expectation "i shall speak to your parents, confirm a time, book tickets and we shall go, ok?"

[His folks were surprised he agreed for a movie with me.... they were very unsure till last minute if he actually will go through with it... and i was surprised he said Yes, even though he doesnt really know me too well...] :-) *you bet am beaming*

He grinned and i left with this thought lingering in my mind. 

Since it was Friday, there were no tickets for the weekend, therefore i started looking for tickets for Tuesday [i had work on Monday].. It so happened, there were tickets for the 4.30pm show. I instantly messaged R's folks, asking them about it and went ahead, booked the tickets!! Yipee!! 

Tuesday dawned, R's mom called to confirm about the movie plan.. And at 3.30pm i was at their doorstep to pick up R... The movie was at Express Avenue- Escape Cinemas... 

During the journey to the venue, and while waiting, we did some idle chat, mostly me asking him about his friends, what he did in the evening etc etc... Guess his mom had given him the "behave yourselff, or else..." chat and he was so chamathu [well mannered/behaved] and quiet... All he wanted was  tub of popcorn and he was happy... [And while waiting, i asked if he would like to come back to watch Ice Age 4, he very clearly replied - Nope, i am not too fond of that series, have seen 1,2, and 3, dont like it too much]

Sat through the movie, though i guess towards the end he got a bit sleepy.. Munched on popcorn, wore his 3D glasses on & off [said he sometimes gets headaches] and laughed through the movie... I love animated movies and so watching this for the 2nd time was a treat!!  

PS: I have taken kids to movies, but everytime is a different experience. The last time was my friend's 2 kids [ a boy & a girl] along with her nieces [2 of them] to watch Monsters Vs Aliens- the tiniest was my friend's daughter and she is more than a handful [during the interval when everyone else wanted popcorn, puff, and eclair, she wanted Idli... lol] 

There is one more little err not so little, but a bundle nevertheless that i would love to take to a movie, he's yet to see one in big screen.. hopefully soon!! :)

What i took away from this experience:
  •  Kids have so much clarity in thought, it amazes me
  • Kids go with the flow and dont expect anything more than what they want [they dont expect you to go out of your way to please them, buy them stuff, etc]
  • Kids do listen to their parents [this guy said No when i asked him if he wanted something to eat, chocolate or something else.... and finally when i did probe asking "did amma tell you not to ask anything" he very silently replied "yes"] 
  • Kids, at times make better company than adults... :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012