As i made my way around the outer wall of Vittala Temple, Hampi when i spotted this huge arch of sorts on the left with a few structures beyond on the mountain, a guide walking with a group referred to it as the King’s Balance. Curious, i walked closer to the group to see if i could catch a few words and insight on this sturcture… 
Also known as the Tula Bhara, this monument is made of 2 lofty carved granite pillars soaring to nearly 15 feet high and supported a stone beam
across stretching about 12 feet fitted with 3 hoops on its underside. I went closer to inspect the pillars and noticed that one of them has a bas-relief depicting a king with 2 queens. Legend has it that these were depictions of King Krishnadeva Raya and his consorts. 
The structure resembles an entrance or a doorway towards the Kampa Bhupa’s Path located behind the Vittala temple. 
Back in the days, the King’s balance
was used to weigh the Kings of Vijayanagara and offer charity & donations in form of Grains, Gold, Diamonds and other precious stones to the people from the kingdom. This was done on special occasions
like the Solar, and Lunar eclipse.
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