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Friday, January 20, 2012

Floppy... Lost & found

Did you hear about Floppy's (mis)adventures? asked my uncle.. My heart stopped for a minute and i wondered what he was talking about. I had been out of town for 2days, and i did speak to people from home but nobody squeaked a word... 

Floppy runs around the house and in the morning is put on leash by either me or uncle. But day before, he apparently ran out of the gate [he does it at times, goes for a stroll and returns within minutes], but within few minutes both gramma & uncle heard a sharp squeal.. They rushed to the gate to check on Floppy and couldnt see him anywhere. But, they spotted a Yellow van [symbolising the Dog van that goes around snatching strays].. Uncle took the car and drove around looking for the van and finally spotted it down the road. Spoke to the driver and spotted Floppy inside sitting meekly... 

Thats my sweetheart= Floppy

Uncle spoke to the guy and told him we own Floppy.. the driver said "But saar, he looks like a stray".. Uncle said "yes, but he, belongs to us, so let him go"

The driver made a fuss "no can do, come to the pound, pay Rs300 or Rs500 and take him".. Uncle managed to convince him to let Floppy go for a price of Rs100.. Though uncle told him Floppy was neutered, the guy dint believe as his ears werent clipped [ Govt sprays and snips the ears of all strays]... The only we hadnt done was get him a License... We did take it up with his vet when he was a few months old, but left it at it... 

Am glad Floppy's ok and back home....5 years ago, i found this little pup shaking and shivering under a water lorry and i brought him home... 

Would have been devastated and some more if something had happened to him [ just hearing the tale and writing this post has me in tears] 

Lesson learnt for us... I am now gonna make sure i get his License done asap... 

Any inputs, help on where/who to approach/how to get the License is much appreciated... Thank you


Shanmuga Raja said...

OMG!!! thank god he is okay... anyways give a normal check-up coz he was along with other stray dogs... lemme know when u find license stuff i wanna get it for my Ricky(GSD) tooo.... :)

Animal Lover said...

Dear Aarthi,
Tips to avoid losing your pet
1. Always make sure your pet is wearing a collar and a metal tag with your address/dog's name/phone number in it.,r:7,s:0

2. Make sure you NEVER let your dog out alone, so many pet dogs have gone missing because of this. Please note that pet dogs that go missing suffer in streets because they have no idea about getting food / water and die by getting hit by vehicles

check out which is based in Chennai, India

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