As you drive towards the  Royal Enclosure, a structure will catch your attention, it is the Queen’s Bath. From afar it is resembles just another rectangular building, but once you step inside the structure, you will be wow’d .

The entire structure has a small channel running through the length of it which must have once been filled with water.  While on the inside, there are corridors with small windows poening into the center, the main bath area. The windows aare beautifully done up, with intricate craftsmanship on each arch and wall. 
The architecture is Indo-Saracenic with Islamic influences over-riding the Hindu style of architecture. 
 Each of the windows are supported with small lotus bud tip brackets. The center bath area opens out to the sky, but today stands barren and in ruins.  There is one entry with steps leading to the bath, an indication that women probably soaked in the bath surrounded by their maids and help waiting at their beck and call. 

The ceiling along the corridor has intricate work depicting the Royal lives, the Gods and animals used in the palaces.

There is a small beautifully maintained garden within the premises, which now is a favorite spot for picnics by tourists.  This structure is now an ASI protected monument!

Psst.. the photographs looks different only cos i’ve been playing around with the new Picasa settings 🙂

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